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Fortuna Marmo Granite

From India Fortuna Marmo Granite planted out roots in the year 2008. With a vast knowledge of natural stones, granite slabs, tiles, granite countertops, backsplashes, flooring we earned expertise in Manufacture stones with various finishes. We export Indian Granite with various dimensions and thickness worldwide. Fortuna Marmo Granite has a knowledgeable and experienced staff to process and execute the orders flawlessly and with perfection. We are well known by Indian granite exporter, cheap black granite suppliers, Indian granite manufacturers & we are your favorite granite supplier from India.

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Transforming Stone from Rough to Enthralling Beauty

Step 1: Quarry

Quarry or Mines is a place to dig underground the granite rocks. This is a complete process of drilling, blasting, with specialized equipment’s to bring out composites of granite. These composites called rough blocks and later it will convert in the dressed blocks by wire saw machines. We produce high quality blocks with specialize & experienced team who well versed to use pioneering styles of quarrying.

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  • quarry
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Step 2: Processing

After the blocks are extracted from the quarry, they’ll go through further processing to match their intended purpose. Thereafter rough blocks take shape from wire saw dressing machine and become ready to cut in Gaspari gang saw, which uses multiple diamond-tipped blades to slice a granite block into manageable slabs. Our highly skilled team are well managed to keep clients satisfy by maintaining quality and production parameters.

block cutter

Step 3: Polishing

Marble / Granite Slab Polishing is done by Machine using rotating abrasives on special plates held by rotating spindles. An automatic bridge which moves transversally over the slabs and houses all the spindles and relevant abrasive heads move the abrasives over the slab. Different types of Finishing Options are available like Leather, Flamed, Brushed, Polished, Honed, Lapatura etc.

line polishing

Step 4: Warehouse

We can supply more than 150 colors under one roof, we have a textures that allow you to create a style especially for you. We specialize in the fabrication, installation, and custom design of Granite, Marble & Sandstone. Our capacity drives by our hi tech installed machines, breton line polisher, gaspari gangsaws, wire saw, resin line etc.





Specialize in Granite Countertops, Kitchentops & Islands

We are providing Finished Countertops, Kitchentops & Iselands with customized Size. Our Edges Profile includes, Double Chamfer, Double Bullnose, Double Full Bullnose, Half Bullnose Chamfer, Chamfer, Single Bullnose and Quarter Round Cutting Edge Countertops. And these are available in
High Quality & Smooth Finish.

Countertops Sizes Available Are

• 8 to 9 Feet x 26 Inches x 2 cm
• 8 to 9 Feet x 26 Inches x 3 cm

Stone Beauty

We can supply more than 150 colors of granite under one roof as a result you will get all colors from us. We specialize in the fabrication, installation, and custom design of Granite, Marble & Sandstone in bathroom vanities, kitchen counter-tops, breakfast bars, stools, fireplace walls, swimming pool areas, desks, dining tables, patio tables, conference tables.

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