Before making a purchase from granite suppliers in india,  its a usual thing for any buyer to research on internet for granite manufacturer companies. As the matter of fact every buyer has desired to make a purchase directly with granite manufacturer company in India ,but most of the companies names coming top searches of google is listed are granite traders. You have to understand difference between granite manufacturer and Granite Suppliers in India before placing order. Traders are the one who purchase material directly from manufacturer and export out of India but manufacturer purchase rough blocks from the quarry and after processing make slabs ready to export.

Every prospective buyer of Indian granite wants reliable granite supplier in India. You must expect the honesty and transparency from your supplier and granite manufacturers. Nowadays import and export is totally based on internet services. So you must need to discuss everything over emails, online chats and phone calls. You can’t meet the granite supplier physically and not able to touch granite before you import in your warehouse. The conclusion is you have to totally depend on the loyalty of your granite supplier however, you can check the quality by photos and videos before loading into container. We will tell you parameters before you make purchase from granite suppliers and manufacturers in india. This will help you select authentic and genuine granite supplier and exporter from india.

Choosing correct granite suppliers from India is bit difficult , you have to spend your time for surfing websites, however still its not surety that you have selected right supplier. in the era of digital world building attractive website is very known for anybody. but as a buyer you have to check the capacity of production , dispatches as well as control on the quality of granite. All these aspects are very important before buying granite from India.

We help you with aggregate information which helps you for selecting granite supplier from India.

  • Personal Visit: This is very important to make sure the quality of granite before paying for that material, the best way is to visit the Indian granite factory and check the material personal, it will help to reject those slabs or tiles which is having some quality issues or cracks and you will be sure that your end user will be happy to use that material without any complaint and compensation.
  • Hire Inspection team: As the matter of fact hiring Indian granite inspection team is very popular in USA and Europe buyer, since they mostly purchase for projects so they must be make sure the quality of material has been approved by their inspector. The inspection team work as a representative of buyer in india, however it is very important to hire genuine inspection team and it should be certified from the government.
  • Packing Styles : This is very important to make sure how your material is going to be load in the container and what is packing style is going to be used for your material. There is types of packing is most popular in indian granite market, one is Wooden crate packing and second is loose packing. Usually wooden crate packing is used for export orders to make sure the safety of material, but some countries like gulf market prefer in loose loading means without wooden crate loading.

Our offer

Fortuna Marmo Granite has a vast experience from manufacturing to export the granite from India. We export material worldwide and we are using all ports of loading from India. Our quality of granite and packaging are strength of our company. You can get fulfill your requirement of any color granite under one roof. We have expertise of cutting various dimension and thickness of granite and marble. Please contact us for your further requirements.