Granite is one of the most durable, glossy, magnificent, and oldest stone materials used for flooring. It gives a majestic look to the home as well as office spaces with a strong floor concept. It can be installed anywhere like a porch, parking, swimming pools, home, and workspace with different types of finishing over it. Before choosing this stone, it is essential to verify the sizing, variations in pattern, availability, uniformity, and pricing. If the Granite has more pattern variations in it, that makes the flooring look nasty.

Here are a few famous granite flooring options that can be preferred anywhere based on a beautiful stone’s features for use.

1. Platinum White Granite

This Granite is a perfect budget material for flooring with a bright finish. The biggest advantage of using this Granite is the price and high durability to sustain in any weather. It is available in polished, flamed, and leather touch to meet any flooring requirement. 60×30, 60×60, 24×24, these tiles measurements go well for the flooring use.

Popular Granite Tiles Preferred For Flooring

Platinum White Granite

2. Black Galaxy Granite

For a dark look, black galaxy granite flooring is one of the best solutions available. These tiles are sorted without line, which is a premium choice for flooring. It is pretty affordable and can be used in making kitchen countertops. The dimensions 24×24, 24×12, 60×30, and 60×60 size tiles are required in Black Galaxy Granite for flooring.

Popular Granite Tiles Preferred For Flooring

Black Galaxy Granite

3. Tan Brown Granite

This variant of granite tiles is quite solid and durable. Tan Brown Granite is popular for flooring in the size of 60×30 and 60×60 cm. It comes in the finishings for the best of its look in polished, Lapataro, flamed, and Leather. Pairing it with moon white granite or brown granite floor gives an aesthetic appeal.

Popular Granite Tiles Preferred For Flooring

Tan Brown Granite

4. Steel Grey Granite

It is a superb silver-grey granite tile from India that looks like a silver pearl in the ocean. Steel grey granite is one of the popular choices both in India and abroad in flooring. This combination of light and dark colors with high resistance, durability, and different types of finishing. Being most reliable and affordable, steel grey has come out as a popular flooring option. 60×30 and 60×60 tiles, tile measurement, is preferable for use.

Steel Grey Granite

5. Viscount White Granite

This granite tile is suitable to provide medium to high variations. Vision white is an affordable yet premium granite tile for flooring. The light color of this Granite is pretty much adjusted on the floors. High-quality flooring vision tiles can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, and outer areas of residential and commercial projects. The dimensions of 60×30 or 60×60 cm tiles can be used for making premium floors in the Granite.

Vision WhitecGranite

6. Rosy Pink Granite

This granite tile is one of the most inexpensive beautiful pink Granite exported from India. It’s a zero-maintenance granite because of its high durability. Rosy pink Granite is a uniform material, so it doesn’t require any sealing. It needs high polishing. Mostly it is sold in the sizes of 60×30 and 60×60 cm.

Popular Granite Tiles Preferred For Flooring

Rosy Pink Granite

7. Crystal Yellow Granite

It is notably bright in color and is one of the most used for indoor floorings. Crystal yellow granite has an evenly scattered crystal pattern and one of the uniform material granite tiles. In the low light areas, this stone looks vivid through its perfect radiance. Its durable, affordable, and weather-friendly granite tile serves the purpose of both indoor and outdoor. The recommended tile sizes 60×30 and 60×60 with a thickness of 1.8 cm and 2 cm can be used.

Crystal Yellow Granite

8. Absolute Black Granite

It is one of the trendy granite tiles because of the dark reverent look it reflects. The slabs of absolute black can be expensive, but the tile in size 24×24, 24×12, 60×30, and 60×60 are affordable for flooring purpose.

Popular Granite Tiles Preferred For Flooring

Absolute Black Granite

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