Black Galaxy Granite Tiles 24″ x 24″

Beautiful Golden flecks of Black Galaxy Granite make an eye-catching appearance,  we must use these tiles on the floor and walls. Moreover, these tiles can use in your home construction as well as your office building also. It is suitable for walls, countertops, floors, garden floors, parking, halls, anywhere due to its frost-resistant nature. You can feel its high gloss and smooth texture by touching the surface of this tile. However, it’s very essential to check the quality of every tile before its installation. Maybe some tiles have corner cracks, galaxy flecks variation, differences in color and shade because it is natural stone. We always recommend our clients to mix all the tiles from different cardboard boxes at the time of installation. This is a natural stone and it has a high possibility of layers and dry holes, which are often filled. The filling is functional and this hole may need to be filled as part of the normal maintenance process.

Black Galaxy Granite Tiles Specifications

Types of Finish
Flamed & Brushed
Sizes (Length x Width)
610 mm x 610 mm or 24″ x 24″
305 mm x 305 mm or 12″ x 12″
610 mm x 305 mm or 24″ x 12″
400 mm x 400 mm or 15¾” x 15¾”
457 mm x 457 mm or 18″ x 18″
Types of Thickness
10 mm / 3/8”
12 mm / 1/2″
15 mm / 5/8”
10/12 mm / 3/8” / ½”
Free Length Sizes (Length x Width x Thickness)
Free Length (500 mm – 800 mm) x 300 mm x 12 & 15 mm
Free Length (500 mm – 800 mm) x 400 mm x 12 & 15 mm
Free Length (500 mm – 800 mm) x 500 mm x 15 mm
Skirtings (500 mm – 800 mm) x 60 to 80 mm x 10/12 mm 


We process high quality granite tiles with polished , beveled, calibration and chamfering. We use EPS / Corrugated boxes and high quality pine wood boxes for strong and safe packing. We process all cut to sizes as per required by our customers.