Different colored granite founds in India. White granite is one of them. They are one of the most sought after granite because of their luster and exotic appearance. They are great choice for flooring, staircases and countertops. Each of white granite has distinct color and patterns. For example Viscount white has high level variation in color and pattern while Platinum white Granite has uniform color and pattern. While white granite are good for all interior and exterior purpose extra care is needed to make sure their beauty does not fade after long time because any liquid or chemical stain would be clearly visible in the white background.

White granite countertops are very popular due to having classic appearance and relatively low cost than other granite. P-white countertops are one of the most inexpensive granite countertop. Other popular white granite for countertops is Alaska White, Imperial White, Colonial White, River white, and New Kashmir white. We can cut countertops in different finishes such as Polished, Flamed, and leathered.

We will now discuss some of the popular white granite:

Platinum white– Also known as P white and this granite is quarried in the northern state Rajasthan. It has uniform color and pattern. It is suitable for big projects due to its low cost

platinum white granite
  • Alaska white – It is relatively new granite. There are number of black grey small shapes and patterns in the white background. It is mid prized granite. Alaska white granite price in india is based on quality and thickness of slabs. We design alaska white granite bathrooms, alaska white granite countertops etc.
alaska white granite
  • Moon white – It is quarried in the state of Andhra Pradesh. There are number of small grey purple shapes in the white background. This granite very stylish and prefer for flooring.
moon white granite
  • Viscount White- it is white granite from South India. This granite also known as Madanpalli white granite, becuase its quarried in Madanpalli village of Andhra pradesh state of south india. There are thin wavy grey black stream like pattern in the white background of the stone. High level of variation is observed in this stone.
viscount white granite
  • River white– This granite contains number of small pebble with purple dots in the white background. This granite is available in abundance and takes very good polishing. Black waves resembles like river from map view, that is why its named River White Granite.
river white
  • Colonial white:-It is creamy granite which contains brown minerals in the background. This granite is great choice for countertop due to its luxurious appeal.
colonial white granite
  • Imperial white– Popular white granite from south India. There are light black and grey patterns in the white background of the stone. Most of its mines are in the state of Tamil Nadu. This granite also known as Amba white granite.
colonial white granite
  • Kashmir White– One of the most popular granite from India. Its quarries are located in the State of Tamil Nadu. Its grey white surface contains brown particles. Due to its popularity and limited availability it is bit expensive than most granite.
kashmir white granite
  • White Galaxy- It is quarried in the state of Andhra Pradesh. There are number of small brown particles in the white surface of the stone. It has clear and bright white color.
white galaxy
  • Andromeda White- It is white granite having light grey patterns along with number of small black particles in the surface. It is good for countertops and flooring.
andromeda white granite
  • Jasmine white – This granite’s name come from a Jasmine flower. There are flower like patterns of brown and purple color in the white background. This granite has uniform color and pattern hence good for big projects.
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