Difference Between Indian Granite vs. Chinese Granite

What would you look for if you were thinking about buying granite? Well, color richness, brightness, and durability are a few of the first factors any purchaser takes into account when purchasing granite. There are numerous countries that deal with granite, but China and India are two of the most well-known. On the worldwide stone market, these two countries deal with granite. Both nations are specialists in producing granite, and they do so in a range of textures and colors. Several granite stones are supplied by merchants in China and India, so will discuss here difference Between Indian Granite vs. Chinese Granite .

Granite is a great suggestion among purchasers because to its strength, color variation, and sparkle. The extraction, processing, and export of granite involve a large number of countries. Two significant nations in the global natural stone market are India and China. Granite is produced in both nations in a variety of colors and surfaces. Granite is famously mined in large quantities in Eastern China in regions like Guangdong, Fujian, and Shandong. In Rajasthan, Chennai, and Bangalore, there are numerous quarries and processing facilities, similar to those in China. Different types of granite stones are offered by granite wholesalers and manufacturers in China and India. Let’s see how both stone types are doing in this cutthroat market. All granite buyers have the right to desire flawless black galaxy, imperial gold, Alaska gold and shades.

The use of natural granite in construction and decorating projects is very common. It may be used both indoors and outdoors due to the natural granite’s high density and toughness, but there are numerous types of granite materials around the world, including the well-known Indian Granite and China Granite. What are the key differences and similarities between these two materials, so will describe below difference between Indian Granite vs. Chinese Granite?

Chinese Granite

China granite is frequently available at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Its vibrant colors include shades of grey, white, black, and yellow as well as beige, pink, and red. The distribution of granite from north to south across China’s several provinces. Although there are more than 200 different types of china granite available in China, the most common 30 types are currently available in domestic and international markets. G603, G654 granite is the most well-known China granite. Chinese granite typically ranges between 2.6 and 2.7g/cm3.

Indian Granite

Indian granite is equally well-known in the stone industry; its current popularity is practically identical to that of Brazilian granite. The Indian Granite is likewise a rich color, and the majority of the surface features a lovely texture and dazzling accents. Indian granite raw blocks are frequently very large in size, making them primarily suitable for making granite countertops and other large-scale goods. Supply capacity is also quite strong right now.  Tan Brown and Black Galaxy Granite are the most well-known Indian Granites. The Indian granite has a density of between 2.7 and 2.9g/cm3.

Indian Granite Vs. Chinese Granite

DescriptionChinese GraniteIndian Granite
Granite’s sturdiness & physical powerChinese granite typically has a low quality of cracks in them by nature. Hairline cracks are the name given to these cracks in the Chinese granite.Indian Granite does not have hairline flaws, it is stronger and far more durable.
Richness of color and luxuryChina has great descent collection of colors like White Ice Granite, White Sparkle Granite, Blue Pearl Granite, Black Pearl Leather Granite and White Pearl Granite.India has a wide variety of rich colors, including gold, brown, beige, and jet black.
Differences and TranslucencyChinese granite is dull and light in comparison to Indian granite. Additionally, the granite is of poor quality.Indian Granite is the most durable stone, as per the latest circumstances, individuals prefer to buy Indian Granite and are boycotting the Chinese variation.
Sound ImpactChinese granites will make a loud banging sound when hit, signifying that the quality is poor. Chinese granite is less dense; it makes a “thud” sound.When granite from India is touched, it makes a ringing sound, suggesting that the quality is good in India. You can hear a “ringing sound” when you tap India granite.
CoatingChinese granite is comparable to more sensitive to staining than Indian granite because of its water-absorbing and porous character.Indian granite is more suspect able to stains than Chinese granite.


Before committing to a purchase, the granite must be examined for quality. Granite with defects and cracks will naturally age more quickly than granite without flaws and cracks. Some folks may wonder what kind of granite we should choose. We are aware that various granite projects call for various granite goods in terms of color, size, and shape. Granite is the appropriate material to use for projects. Both the widely used China granite and the Indian granite can fulfill your needs.

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