5 Popular Types of Indian Black Granites

The aesthetics that are created by Indian black granites in your interiors and exteriors are absolutely exquisite and leave a different intriguing impression from the rest. They are not only ahead in the trend of beauty and elegant look but being natural stones, Indian black granites are known for their strength and durability. It is resistant to water and heat and requires less maintenance as well. Thus, no matter what your project is, black granites stand the test of time, even in freezing temperatures.

Indian black granites are a popular choice for many homeowners and contractors, due to their spectacular and vibrant appeal. Also, the black colour can easily blend in any hues combination to give a fascinating look. Despite that, the black granites are used in numerous applications including kitchen countertops, restrooms, outdoors cladding, accent walls, flooring and many more, depending on the individual interest.

You will find a wide range of Indian black granites in terms of striations and patterns. Well, in this, every shade is beautifully different from each other. We, as the eminent black granites exporters and manufacturers, deliver every type of Indian black granite to our customers with the finest quality and thus, we are renowned for this.

Now, let’s discuss 5 popular types of Indian black granites that are timeless in style. Read on to get inspired.

1. Black Galaxy Granite  

Black galaxy granite comes first on the list and is the most popular black granite from India. It has a dark backdrop with small gold or silver speckles scattered throughout, which appeals like a star in the sky and that’s the reason it is called the ‘Black Galaxy Granite‘ or ‘Star Galaxy’. It is a durable natural stone majorly used in kitchen countertops and the other applications include wall tiles, floorings, claddings etc. The USA, Italy, UK, France, Netherlands, Morocco and Middle East countries like the UAE, Iran etc are the major markets for this granite. We are the prime wholesaler and exporter of black galaxy granite, which offers in form of slabs and tiles with various sizes and finishes.

Black Galaxy Granite
Absolute Black Granite

2. Absolute Black  Granite 

We are prominent absolute black granite manufacturers and suppliers from India, which is mostly used in making finest kitchen countertops, tombstones, gravestone, backsplash, walls, floorings etc. This is also known as Jet Black Granite and is available in slabs or tiles form with various sizes and finishes. This is much tougher than any other black granite and can last for decades. Due to its complete black colour, it exuberant dashing and bold appearance to any style of the interiors. We offer 2 to 10 cm thickness of Absolute Black Granite slabs, which can be varied based on the client’s requirements.

3.  Rajasthan Black  Granite 

Being the least expensive granite among other Black Granites, Rajasthan Black Granite is a highly recommended stone for larger projects. This is the best alternative to Absolute Black, Black Galaxy & Black Pearl Granite because of its less expensive and of similar elegant looks. Most of its quarries are situated in Rajasthan and you will find a varied range of sizes, thicknesses and finish options from our highly mechanized manufacturing site. We are one of the major and reputed Rajasthan Black Granite exporters and suppliers that deliver premium quality at competitive rates within the promised timeframe. One can vary the size and finish based on their space style and choices.

Rajasthan Black Granite
Black Pearl Granite

4. Black Pearl Granite 

The Black Pearl Granite is popular in European countries, featuring primarily black and dark with semi-solid coloured speckles. It is quarried in South India and is a popular choice in kitchen countertops, cladding, headstone, floorings etc. The USA, UK, Bosnia, Serbia, Columbia, Algeria, Morocco, Italy, France and Russia are the major export countries of Black Pearl Granite from India. This is a dark black granite and is highly popular because of its stylish appearance and toughness. It is available in different sizes of slabs and tiles and can be customized according to your needs.

5. Black Forest  Granite 

This features white coloured veins like pattern on the black backdrop appeal, which accentuates striking and forest-like appearance in any aesthetics of interiors. The Black Forest Granite is known for its everlasting and lustre beauty. Furthermore, the major market for this granite is in the USA, Italy, UK, Spain and Middle East Countries. It is very resilient in nature and that’s why this black granite is majorly used in both domestic and industrial segments. Some of the applications are in floorings, kitchen countertops, staircases, fireplaces, backsplashes etc. Our major commitment is to provide the best quality of Black Forest Granite Suppliers to our customers at affordable prices that you never want to miss out on!

Black Forest Granite

Summing Up!

Being one of the biggest Indian black granites exporters and manufacturers, we provide every type of high-end quality in various finishes and variations. Not only the above 5 black granites but we also export Bengal Black, Black Marquino, Coin Black, Black Marinance and Spice Black.

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