Should My Kitchen Backsplash Match with Cabinets or Countertop?

You have selected cabinetry, countertops, stoves and other appliances to bestow with the stunning kitchen design. Also, you have selected granite flooring, paint swatches and faucets. What else? Well, we often overlooked kitchen backsplash, which is actually responsible for either making or breaking the interiors. Bygone the kitchen backsplash is only used to protect the walls from splatters of grease but now this staple has become the connoisseur’s chance for infusing colours and creativity to the food haven.

Before diving into how we are going to opt for the best pick, let’s have a look at its fascinating reasons to install.

Importance of Kitchen Backsplash

Importance of Kitchen Backsplash

Whether you want a backsplash for creating the style statement in your interiors or for practical use, the following are benefits that every kitchen should incorporate in their design:-

  • Protect Your Walls

From a practical standpoint view, the backsplash is used to prevent your walls from any unwanted spillage and splatter. Moreover, it also averts from mildew and mould, which may lead to severe damage to the kitchen walls.

  • Easy Cleanup

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, where you not only experiment with endless recipes but also extend up with the mess. Fortunately, granite backsplashes are stain-resistant and thus, requires low maintenance. You just need a cotton towel and warm soap water to wipe away the dirt and stains.

  • Prevent Stains and Moisture

Even the spillage of food or water can blemish your walls. And over time, these may build up big stains, which overall impact the aesthetics of your kitchen design. Therefore, granite backsplash protects and seal the walls from moisture and stains, so you don’t need to worry about issues related to stains or mildew or anything.

  • Enhances Aesthetics

Incorporated with so many designs, styles, textures and patterns of backsplash designs, one can easily turn up their kitchen decor from drab to whimsical. For instance, the minimalist kitchen interiors demand cooler or white shades like Amba White Granite while the neutral demands for the classic styles like Asian Top. You will find endless options on our collection to make the right choice!

  • Embraces Your Kitchen Value

The backsplash is icing on the cake to your kitchen value. It will spice up the decorative flair of your kitchen decor and will keep the look updated, which will certainly have a substantial financial return.

Are the aforementioned benefits have convinced you to look for modern and sophisticated backsplash designs for your kitchen? Then, read on further to know tips to select a perfect one.

How to Choose The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash?  

How to select the perfect kitchen backsplash?

  • Mix and Matching Win the Key!

One of the biggest questions that arise while selecting a kitchen backsplash design is whether it should match with the countertop or contrast it. Well, if you love to stick to a uniform and peaceful colour palette for the kitchen design. It is accomplished by going ahead with the trending kitchen decor of all-white kitchens, which showcases the white countertops, granite backsplashes and cabinetry. On contrary, if you are using a granite backsplash to highlight the countertops or set as the centre of attraction in kitchen aesthetics. Go for neutral tones of backsplash like Kandla grey for marble countertops or cabinets, which have a lot of textural movement in them. On the other side, select vibrant and creative backsplash designs like Indian Black Granite for the neutral hue of cabinets and countertops.

  • Experiment with Materials

If you are looking for some modern or creative twist in your kitchen design, don’t hesitate to experiment with backsplash materials. You can select multiple shades of granite tiles or can mix Indian granite with sandstone to give the spellbound look ever.

P.S. Select those shades, which complement perfectly the kitchen countertops or cabinets as well as can easily blend up with the rest of your decor.

  • Consider Shapes and Patterns

Playing with distinctive shapes and patterns in backsplash design adds beauty to your space. There are different types of textures and shapes in Indian granites and other natural stones available with us, you can pick to give a custom look to your kitchen that makes it feel more personal.

  • Think about Wear and Tear

Durability speaks about material quality. So, before adding into your cart, make sure that backsplash material is non-resistant to stains and promises to serve you for long generations.

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