All You Need to Know About The Bold Beauty- Absolute Black Granite

Absolute black graniteIndian Granites have always been one of the popular choices in commercial as well as residential projects. Though there are lots of options available in granite absolute black granite adds a distinctive unparalleled beauty to the space. It is synonymous with luxury, elegance, and swank. No matter what style of interiors are, absolute black granite blends in perfectly well. But, hold for a second! What’s there in absolute black granite that makes it an ideal choice for construction contractors, landscapers, flooring experts, home designers, and even homeowners? Let’s find out all the answers enclosed in this blog.

Absolute Black Granite- The Luxurious Yet Durable Natural Stone

Absolute Black granite is a super dark stone with tiny flakes of other visually striking hues. This jet black stone offers an incredible textured look that makes it a sure favorite among homeowners who look to up their home’s edgy or chic factor. Black marble tile will work well inside or out, whether being used as kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathroom flooring, building architectural features, outdoor cladding slabs or any other number of applications which come to mind as possible uses for this fascinating product!

Features of Absolute Black Granite That Makes It a Versatile Choice

  •  Sophisticated Appearance- This absolute black granite is great for those who would like to bring the dramatic, elegant style of more traditional architecture into the modern style. The stone originated from South India and exhibits a uniform color and texture. Generally, it is the pure black color to splash out the stylish and bold vibes. But once we see closer, you can easily identify the grey mineral deposits on the surface.
  • Resilience and Durability- It is the dual beauty of form and function. Apart from the attractive appearance, this black granite exuberant high resilience of everyday wear and tear. Thanks to its non-porous property, which makes it low in maintenance and can serve for long decades, without any failure.
  • Versatile Applications- Absolute black granite is a fabulous choice in both interior and exterior applications like in-
  1. Countertops
  2. Flooring
  3. Backsplashes
  4. Fireplace surrounds
  5. Outdoor Cladding
  6. Architectural Features and many more.

Explore the Premium Quality Absolute Black Granite Traits From Leading Granite Exporters- Fortuna Marmo Granite

If you are looking for the best absolute black granite, look no further than Fortuna Marmo Granite! At our company, we manufacture and export quality assured absolute black granite in various sizes, thicknesses, shapes and dimensions to meet your specific needs. Our top quality slabs and tiles are also available to you at unbeatable prices.

We like to point out that we process any type of finish when it comes to serving our customers, but in general we are currently experiencing a popular demand for gloss black granite. We want you to know that we carry both polishing and three different finishing options depending on what you’re looking for:


  • Leather Finish- Also known as a brushed finish, the leathered finish is a relatively new approach to finishing. It involves capturing a honed surface and applying diamond-tipped brushes which causes subtle dimples on the surface texture. This surface finish makes the black granite surface appear more modern.
  • Flamed Finish– This finish is done by applying high heat to the surface of the natural stone and is considered the most popular finish done in granite now these days. Such a finish of absolute black granite is ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Honed Finish- Honed finishes are immensely popular in flooring applications to avoid people from getting slipped on the stone surface. Also, it can be used on countertops, but it makes the granite more prone to discoloration.


We have different dimensions for slabs and tiles of absolute black granite. And in thickness, we have 2 cm and 3 cm thickness of slab and countertops manufactured by premium quality to last long for generations.


Granite is an incredibly beautiful rock with a variety of different colors. Unsurprisingly a lot of people would love to have granite installed in their home or place of business. If you’re one such person and are looking for granite manufacturers, look no further than us! We are the best granite suppliers in India and we’ve been known for being able to provide our customers with high-quality products at affordable prices. This is thanks to our wide range of working relationships whether it be with the quarries where we get our materials from or with workers who specialize in hand crafting the stone into a work of art that can be found inside homes around the world. Our company has been a supplier to many organizations from USA to UK and from Romania to Italy to Russia over the years. Make your next move and choose the right granite for your space.