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absolute black granite

Polished Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black Granite is known as the darkest black granite from India. Fortuna Marmo Granite is well known as Absolute black granite exporter and manufacturer from india. We process all types of black granite from Indian quarries . It depends on the consumer whatever finish he wants to use with this granite. Generally, we do polish finish by our Italian machine which helps to enhance the gloss on the surface. Likewise, other popular finishes are Hone, Leather, Flamed and Brushed. The following sizes we produce at our state of art plant. We process all types of finish like, absolute black leather, and honed finish. 

Leather Finish

Flamed Finish

Honed Finish

Trade Name
Blue Dunes Granite
Azul Dunes Granite
Azul celeste granite
Slabs , Tiles, Countertops
Polish, Flamed, Gangsaw Cut Only
Flooring, Countertops, Wall Tiles

Absolute Black Granite Pictures

Absolute Black Granite

Polished Absolute Black Granite

This beautiful stone is most popular for monuments and tiles. Tiles are commonly used to design flooring of outdoor or indoor. The quality of this granite is based on the quarry of this material. In india more than 10 quarries are producing this Granite. Being Absolute black granite exporter and manufacturer from india we tell you few well-liked quarries are Kothalwadi, Talwadi, Khammam, Kanakpura, Warangle . These are the famous quarries of black granite in India.

absolute black

Absolute Black Tiles

absolute black

Absolute Dark Black


Absolute Black Granite Slabs

Fortuna Marmo Granite is one of the best exporter of this granite. We can produce tiles and slabs in different sizes, thickness and dimensions as per the requirements. We provide high quality granite at affordable price to our customers. For our European clients we polish monument dark black granite slabs both side. After applying polish on surface it becomes beautiful dark black compare to other black granite. We can process all sizes with various finishes.Following are the sizes of slabs.

  • Jumbo Gangsaw Slabs 300 cm x 180 cm & Above ( 2 cm To 10 cm Thick)
  • Mini Gangsaw Slabs 300 cm x 140 cm & Above ( 2 cm To 10 cm Thick)
  • Half Slabs 320 cm x 70 cm & Above (2 cm to 10 cm Thick)
  • Under Size Slabs 90 – 180 cm x 70 cm & Above ( 2 cm To 10 cm Thick)

Absolute Black Granite Tiles

As we have explained the names of quarries working for black granite in india. Here you can see the pictures of Medium Absolute Black , Premium Absolute Black leather slabs. We are working with only one quarry Kothalwadi where you will dark quality fine grain black only. In the picture you can clearly see the premium black have very minute grains whereas medium absolute black has white dots on the surface. Following are the sizes we are specialize to cut. (Polished, Beveled, Calibrated)

  • 610 x 305 x 10 MM & 12 MM
  • 305 X 305 X 10 MM & 12 MM
  • 600 X 600 X 15 MM TO 20 MM
  • 600 X 300 X 15 MM TO 20 MM


Freezing Climate:
Exterior Usage:


Slabs & Countertops

2 CM Counters

8 to 9 Feet x 26 Inches x 2 cm


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Absolute Black Granite
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