Absolute black granite is a kind of hard and heavy black granite from India. As the name suggest it is predominantly black colored, its also known as granito negro absoluto. It is much heavier than other granites. There are various types of absolute black granite based on region, we have describe below Absolute black granite quarries in india.

  • Warangal Black
  • Khammam Black
  • Chamrajnagar Black (Kothalwadi Black / Mysore Black)
  • Talwadi Black
  • Gumbali Black
  • Ilgur Black
  • Panchpalli Black
  • Kanakpura Black

Among them Mysore black is most popular and most expensive because of its extra dark black color and shine. Each of the variety is different from the other variety. The differences come in the form of color and pattern variation.

Most Popular Granite Worldwide

There has been great demand for this granite both worldwide and locally. That’s why it is considered as one of most prominent granite found in India. It is especially popular in countries such as USA, UK, Qatar, and Morocco, European countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Bosnia etc and Middle East countries. In fact buyers from all over the world come to India and buy this granite in large quantities for their infrastructure projects such as resorts, colleges, airports and other similar places.

Absolute Black Granite Problems

But before making the buying decision several factors must be decided. Quality aspects of the granite are very important and Absolute Black granite is no exception. High quality granites are the costliest and most demanded in the industry. However many quality issues arise in the granite as it is a natural stone. Some of these issues are cracks, lines, big white grains, and black patches. Cracks arise in the granite due to natural causes or due to the mishandling while processing the stones or during transportation. Usually one can see these cracks in the corner of the stone but sometimes they can come in the center of the stone. If these cracks are in corner they can be trimmed i.e. a small portion containing crack can be removed from the slab. But for center cracks you have no such choice.
White grain like pattern in the dark black background can be bit problematic because it stands out and does not look very well. These white grains can vary in number and size among different slabs i.e. some slabs have more white grains than others while others have few but bigger white grains. White grains can be considered bigger problems than the patches and lines as they usually large area of the stone’s surface and cannot be removed from the stone by trimming.
Dark patches in the granite are another big problem. Sometimes these patches are small sometimes they are as big as football. A single slab can have multiple patches often varying in sizes. These patches stand out in the granite and dampen its beautiful looks. As with cracks if these patches are in corner then they can be trimmed.
Usually it is difficult to find big slabs that do not have any cracks, lines, patches, white grains and other problems. Good quality is hard to find. Therefore proper physical inspection needs to be done before buying. It comes essential to check the stone in good lighting conditions as in bad lighting conditions you won’t be able to notice cracks, lines and patches in the slabs. You should buy granite slabs and tiles only from big and trusted factories that all the technical expertise and years of experience in the granite field. Most small factories do not good polishing machines. They do polish manually on each slab and tiles. At first glance you may not notice the difference between hand polish and line polish. The slabs that are being polished manually by hands lose its luster and shine after few months while line polish remains good for years. Therefore it is worthwhile to buy Line polished slabs and tiles even if they are considerably more expensive than hand polished ones.
Also some factories do not have cutting machines which are of international quality standard. As a result their slabs and tiles have uneven edges and surface i.e. Slabs and tiles does not have proper geometrical shape and look less symmetrical.
You can get good quality but you may have to buy from multiple suppliers. Slabs having uniform color and variation without any lines, cracks and white grains are far pricier than the standard quality slabs that have thin lines or small patches. Lower commercial quality slabs have big patches and white grains therefore considerably less premium quality and standard quality slabs. Generally small slabs and tiles do not many problems with regard to quality as they are small in size. This does not mean that you can buy Tiles and small slabs without proper inspection as few of them may have cracks and other problems.

 Granite Finishes

Moreover it is available in different finishes such as Leathered, Polished, Flamed, Bush Hammered and so on. Though polished finish is readily available in the market you have to give advance order if you require this granite in other finishes and deposit some advance amount in the supplier’s bank a/c. Usually supplier will send you a sample with leather or flamed finish for approval and ask for some advance deposit in case of approval to start processing the order.
It is a great choice for flooring because of its eye catching color and extraordinary hardness. Absolute Black granite tiles looks great in Bathrooms, Offices, Gardens, and similar kinds of places. As this granite has uniform color and pattern. Its shine does not fade and remain beautiful for many years. It is dust resistant and remains unaffected by weather conditions. So you don’t have to worry about maintenance and replacement costs. No need to waste your money on expensive cleaning materials and shiners.

Absolute Black Granite Pictures

absolute black
absolute black

Absolute Black Granite Uses

It is quite common to see staircases made from the Absolute Black granite in the malls, Restaurants, Railway stations, Bus stations and offices. Being able to easily match with surroundings it has distinct advantage over other Indian granites for making raising steps. These staircases are very strong and suitable for heavy usage.

Being extra tough and having attractive color it is no wonder this granite is especially suited as building material for monuments and gravestones. Most construction experts prefer it over other granites because of its long lastingness and higher durability as compared to other granites found in the India. Also it is weather resistant and looks more or same in different lighting conditions. As the monuments need to be remaining strong even after many years its building material needs to be highly durable and hard. In terms of these attributes Absolute Black has edge over other granites found in India.

Absolute Black Granite Countertops

Absolute black granite countertops in kitchen and headstones are used as applications at home. As it can pair with granites and marbles, is dust resistant and its beauty lasts forever it is good choice for making countertops. It is easy to clean and its shine does not fade after long usage. So whenever you wish to buy a new countertop for your kitchen absolute black granite would be a great choice. Most restaurants and modern coffee shops have worktops built from absolute black granite.
As this granite is fire and temperature resistant so it can used to make beautiful firesides. The plain dark black color of the granite matches perfectly fireflames. It contrasts perfectly with black background of the stone. Having smooth surface fire ashes does not get stick on it.
We can see Absolute Black granite has wide range of applications in the domestic and business places. Whether you are looking for countertops for our home or for building a monument, Absolute Black granite is the right choice and you should go for it. After all it is one of the most sought after Indian granite both locally and internationally.

Absolute Black Granite India

One can purchase big blocks of this granite and processed them Gangsaw slabs, cutter slabs and tiles in different thickness as per requirements of his project. Or he can directly purchase Slabs and tiles from different suppliers of this granite. Absolute black granite can be processes into large slabs, small slabs and tiles in different sizes and thickness. Its price is also depends on size and thickness. Large size slabs are highly priced than the small size slabs with same thickness. Most suppliers have ready stock of the Gangsaw slabs, cutter slabs and tiles for sale in their factory premises. They generally keep stock in thickness of 16mm and 18mm. It you want greater thickness you have to deposit some advance in their bank a/c. Only after that they will begin processing your order. Usually it would take 2 to 3 weeks to completely process such order.

So we have discussed why absolute black granite is preferred over the other Indian granites, common problems found in granites, Different size and thickness, and things that have to keep in mind while making the buying decision.

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