India has vast reserve of granite and south region of india is popular for numbers of colorful granite production and quarries. Not only south india is famous for granite quarries, but also its famous for top manufacturers of south india granite and top exporters of south india granite. Compare to north india granite, south india has more reserve of Indian granite. Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Telangana, are the popular indian states which are providing and producing south indian granite.

We are describing here few names of popular south india granite we export with all sizes and dimension worldwide.

Absolute Black Granite: This granite is world most popular granite accepted every country. The origin of this granite in Chamrajnagar village situated near to tamilnadu state border. This area absolute black is darkest black found in india with fine grains and very dark black background. However, there are some other quarries also which are very popular for black granite, like Khammam black situated in khammam district of telangana.

absolute black granite

Imperial Gold Granite: Imperial gold granite is very stylish and beautiful golden color granite consist pink flower on the surface.  This is little soft granite compare to other hard granite of south india. This granite quarried Madurai city of Tamilnadu state. We are cutting this granite with gangsaw size, cutter and cut to sizes tiles with 2 cm to 3 cm thickness.

imperial gold granite

Black Galaxy Granite:  This is the second number of world famous granite which is known as black galaxy granite. As everyone knows this granite has specialty of golden dots with black background which gives resemble of universe. The number and size of the golden dots are depends on block to block. This granite is one of the most popular and demanded granite across the world.

Tan Brown Granite: Tan brown granite is quarried in Karimnagar village of Telangana state of india. This granite is mixture of two colors black and brown. Usually this granite does not have so much variation in flowers and quality. Its classic appearance makes its suitable for pairing with other granite found in the indian subcontinent. The weight of this granite is comparatively lower than of other granite in the indian subcontinent.

Steel Grey Granite: Steel grey granite is grey colored granite found in the southern part of india. This granite is also known as silver pearl. Steel grey granite has very slight variation and color pattern is also less uniform in the background. Though it is comparatively light weight granite, it is very strong.

steel grey granite