Top 5 Granite Colors For Shopping Malls

Granites are a robust and attractive building material that has been popular for decades. It has become a global trend to use granite for large-scale housing and commercial projects. It is because granite is a powerful material with multiple color options and designs available in an affordable range.

It complements the appearance with exuberant hues, stunning shine, and a classy matte look ideal for any commercial and domestic place. Further in this article, we will discuss the top trending granite colors preferred in construction shopping malls. Let us start:

Top 5 Granite Colors For Shopping Malls, Amadeus Blue Granite

Amadeus Granite:

Amadeus granite is a beautiful mixture of grey and black hues with shining and dark red and green colors. It is highly preferred in shopping malls as it appears attractive in large areas. They are unique stones that need minimal maintenance, which provides a classy look. It appears alluring because its dense patterns provide a dynamic water flow appearance. It upgrades with the attractive swirling and flowing vein structure, making it look beautiful in any area.

black galaxy granite, Top 5 Granite Colors For Shopping Malls, Galaxy Black Granite

Galaxy Black Granite:

It is modern granite with a classy and stunning appearance. Its deep black matte finish with bronze deposit looks highly attractive in the shopping mall. Shopping malls are spread over a massive area, requiring flooring and structure with low maintenance and attractive looks. Galaxy black is one of the best color choices, with a sheer shining diamond look through white, gold, and copper flecks. It is an ideal option for shopping malls as it attracts people with its unique look and appearance.

alaska white granite, Top 5 Granite Colors For Shopping MallsAlaska White:

White is the best and most common choice for shopping malls which appear royal, classy, and exquisite. Its uneven patterns, dramatic swirls, and silver frosty white colors look quite soothing in the large area of shopping malls. The tiny swirls with grey, blue, and black vein structures look aesthetic when exposed to white light. Due to this, it is highly preferred in shopping malls construction projects to attain this attractive look.

Absolute Black Granite, Top 5 Granite Colors For Shopping MallsAbsolute Black:

The deep black color with thick jet-black appearance upgrades its stunning and classy appearance. The widely spread area of a shopping mall with absolute black color granite upgrades its look with royal elegance and attractive patterns. The large spaces with glass, gold, and brass texture highly compliment the look. It is why it is the superior choice of builder for shopping mall projects.

Top 5 Granite Colors For Shopping Malls, Desert Brown GraniteDesert Brown Granite:

Desert Brown Granite is one trending for its yellow-brown crystals and small black coloured crystals that provides a unique and exquisite look to commercial spaces. Despite its low maintenance quality, it is preferred because of its divine look, sheer elegance, and catchy appearance, these Granite are frequently being used for interior and exterior projects, and worktops.


These are some of the trendy and prominent colors preferred for shopping malls. All the options are highly attractive, classy, and exquisite. Modern builders are upgrading their creativity and experiments with these unique color options and aesthetic patterns. Indian granites are one of the popular options selected for the exquisite and aesthetic designing of exteriors and interiors. Granite is highly waterproof and has zero percent water-absorbent quality. It is best for bathrooms, kitchen countertops, balconies, and gardens.

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