Why Indian Black Granite is Popular

Many different colors of granite are found in India. There are white, red, black, pink, blue, grey, green, and other colors which are found in the different regions of India. Among them black granite are most demanded and expensive than the others. They are highly recommended by experts for construction and big infrastructure projects. Indian Black granites have their unique characteristics which makes them highly desirable for various construction purposes. 

It is quite common to see indian black granite countertops in malls, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, and homes. Even in domestic market black granite is more in demand. So what is the reason or cause for this high popularity of indian black granite countertops?

Well Indian Black granite’s classic appearance and extraordinary hardness makes them the best granite for countertops, flooring, fireplaces, staircases and walls. They are easy to maintain and their color can be easily matched with surroundings. Due to high durability they last for many years. Most famous of the black granites are Absolute Black and Black Galaxy Granite. Both these granite are one of the most sought after granite in the world. They are considerably more costly than others due to high global demand.

Black Galaxy also known as Star Galaxy has sparkling golden particles. These particles are scattered all over surface of the stone and vary in size, shape and number. These particles also known as galaxies are the distinguishing feature of this stone. This granite is very popular for making countertops and worktops. It has smooth surface and does not absorb liquids and chemicals. It is temperature resistant.

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Types of Indian Black Granite

As there are various quarries situated for indian black granite in India. Not all quarries producing dark black granite or fine grains black granite. Every quarry has slightly difference in pattern and darkness in this granite. Based on quality Chamrajnagar quarry is popular worldwide for the darkness of granite. This quarry is famous for producing monuments , memorials , headstones. Some other quarries are like panchpalli black, warangal black, kanakpura black etc.

Granite Slabs are broadly categorized into four sizes – Jumbo Gangsaw Size, Countertop Size, Under Size and Below Under Size. This categorization is for worldwide markets. We can readily supply the following slab sizes

• Jumbo Gangsaw Size (310 cm x 190 cm & up) Thickness 2 cm to 10 cm
• Countertop Size ( 300 cm x 90 cm & up ) Thickness 2 cm to 8 cm
• Under Size ( 100 cm – 180 cm x 90 cm & up ) Thickness 2 cm to 3 cm
• Below Under Size ( 90 cm – 120 cm x 90 cm & up ) Thickness 2 cm to 3 cm

Absolute Black Granite is plain black granite from India. Its special variety which is extra dark in color is very expensive and has a high demand. It is very strong and used for building monuments. It can be easily matched with other colored granites and surroundings. It comes in various varieties that are different from one other. It does not absorb chemicals and liquids, therefore, a good choice for flooring in bathrooms and other places. It is quite heavier as compared to other Indian granites.

Both Black galaxy and Absolute Black are among the most exported granites from India. They have their unique attributes that are highly admired and demanded by buyers from all around the globe. They are both a great choice for making countertops, worktops, flooring, walls, etc.  If you are looking to buy granites for big infrastructure projects you should definitely consider Black Galaxy and Absolute Black before making a purchase decision.

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