Marble and granite are both natural stones that are used for various construction purposes such as flooring, stairs walls, fireplaces, and so on. Both have their own distinct attributes and unique uses. A wide variety of marble and granite is found in various parts of India. Here we will discuss the various differences between the granite and marble:

  • Variety- Though both granite and marble are available in various different colors and shade, Granite has the upper hand. Most of the marble is of green and white color while granite is available in various other colors such as Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and White and so on. So there is more choice in granite to choose from.
  • Location – Most of the Marble found in India are located in the northern region while granite is available in plenty in both South and North regions. North Indian granite includes Imperial red, Crystal yellow, River Black, Rosy Pink so on while South India granite includes Absolute black , black galaxy, viscon white, imperial gold, and so on.
  • Durability- Granite is harder than marble in general. But there is some granite which is soft such as imperial gold, Alaska White, Imperial Gold, etc. Fantasy Brown is a popular marble that is as hard as most granite. Though both granite and marble are good choices for flooring.
  • Cost – In general granite is more expensive than the marble but there are cheap granites as well. Some of the cheap granite is a rosy pink, Cheema pink, Tigerskin etc. Again there is an exception. Fantasy brown marble is as expensive as most granite. Plain Green marble is one of the cheapest marble. Cost is an important consideration for any project one can pick from marble and granite accordingly.
  • Uses- Both granite and marble are preferred by construction experts throughout the world for Flooring, countertops, walls, step risers, and so on. Marble has additional uses such as making statues and sculptures since they are not as hard as granite and are more malleable into various shapes. 
  • Maintenance

Marble requires more care than granite because their surfaces catch stain more easily than the granite. Moreover, marble has plain color particularly white marbles such as Agaria white, Nizarna etch. So if any stain on them can ruin the beauty of the surroundings. In comparison, granite is easier to maintain and its beauty remains the same for a number of years.

  • Finishing – Granite, in general, takes better finishing since it is a hard stone and is available in various finishes such as Polished, Honed, Flamed, leathered etc. Marble also takes good polish though not as good as granite and is available in Polished, honed and brushed only.


Finally, we can say there are options in granite than marble in color, pattern, and finishes. But marble is cheaper and does the same job as granite.  It all depends on what type of project you are using them. The combination of both marble and granite is also great.  In fact they compliant each other well. For large infrastructure projects such as malls, railway stations, shopping office complexes etc granite is more preamble as it is more robust and maintenance cost is low. Though each had its own appeal decision can be made considering the various points that we have discussed in this article.