Indian Granite slabs is a final process where end user can use those slabs application he wants. After digging quarry and getting rough blocks the next process in factory is wire dressing. This process is very essential to make square size by cutting and adjusting all the corners of uneven rough blocks. Usually wire dressing should be completed in quarry itself but some quarry owners does not have the facility of wire dressing so it should be completed in factory only.
Now the next process is to evaluate the block which side to cut by checking height, length and width. At the very beginning of the process of block purchasing sizes of blocks decides that this should be cut in gangsaw or cutter machine. Here we have to see which sizes blocks we want to buy before processing Indian Granite Slabs. There are two sizes of blocks come in quarry which are

  • Gangsaw Size ( Big Size )
  • Cutter Size ( Small Size )
  • Mini Gangsaw

Gangsaw sizes starts from 280 cm to 340 cm length and height starts from 180 centimeters to 210 cm. So if the blocks sizes are that much of bigger so it should be processed under gangsaw machine. Italian companies are famous for producing gangsaw machine, polishing machines, resin machines (epoxy). Following are the names of few compniese which are world famous for the durability and quality.

  • Gaspari Menotti Gangsaw
  • Breton Polishing line
  • Semap Polishing Line
  • Maema Flaming Machine
  • Pedrini Block Cutter

Most of the experience buyers mostly prefer these machines processing for durable and long lasting quality of the granite slabs and tiles.

Moreover, when we talk about cutter slabs its sizes are like length starts from 240 centimeters to 330 centimeters and height starts from 60 centimeters goes up to 101 centimeters. However the sizes of slabs are totally depends on the sizes of blocks. We have to use cutter machine to cut the small slabs.

When we compare granite and marble sizes comparatively granite slabs sizes are bigger than granite. It is because from quarry vast numbers rectangular big pcs of granite blocks cut and after blocks been prepared from rectangular area so sizes will come very broader. There is one more size which is very popular in gulf countries which is neither gangsaw and nor cutter size, following is the name.

  • Mini Gangsaw Slabs : As the name suggesting its mini size gangsaw which means it will neither cutter nor gangsaw size it will be medium size. The sizes will starts like length 240 to 310 centimeters and height 120 cm to 145 centimeters. The best thing is that it is cheaper than gangsaw slabs.