Black Galaxy Granite Quality

Black galaxy granite is popular black granite from India. Shiny small specks of galaxies in the dark black background of the stone resemble stars in the space hence its name. It is an ideal stone for making kitchen countertops and tiles. Despite its immense popularity, this stone comes with many inherent problems such as black lines, white lines, etc. We can segregate the black galaxy into different qualities based on these issues.

  • Fresh/ Premium – This quality has the least of the problems. Its galaxies or golden dots are medium to large and are evenly distributed throughout the stone. No black lines, white lines, crack, galaxy variation is observed in this variety. Though mergeable lines can be seen in this stone.  It is difficult to find blocks of this premium quality. Hence needless to say it is one of the most expensive variants of the black galaxy granite. This quality is highly recommended for making high-quality kitchen countertops, flooring in luxury hotels and homes, and similar other projects.
black galaxy granite
  • Semi/High commercial/Standard- This is the variant that is generally exported from India to the world. This quality is also rare and therefore fairly expensive than the other variants of the black galaxy granite. About 20% of slabs cut from blocs of this quality have a thin single black line. Slight variation is also observed and galaxies are small to medium. It is suitable for making kitchen countertops, flooring in residential and industrial outfits, and making fireplaces. No white lines, white spots, high variation in color, and cracks are not found in this quality variant of the black galaxy.
  • Commercial- Regular quality variant of the black galaxy. This quality is readily available and hence is cheaper than the above mentioned higher qualities of the stone. Multiple black lines can be seen on the stone. Usually, about 50% of the slabs cut from this quality have black lines or there is a single black line every slab. Mid-level variation is seen in this stone. Usually, this quality is not considered for export and is mostly used in the domestic industry. Still, if black line is not an issue then one can buy this material for the project. Small black patches and galaxies are generally tiny or small in size.
black galaxy
  • Super Commercial- it is one of the worst quality variants of the black galaxy granite. It is absolutely not recommended for export as multiple level problems are there in this stone. It can have multiple thick black lines spreading throughout the stone. Large black patches can also come in this variant. White lines and white spots are one major problem which occurs in this quality. Sometimes there are very few or no galaxies in the black background of the stone. Because of these many issues it is the cheapest variant of the black galaxy and is readily available.

So far we have discussed the major quality variants of the black galaxy granite. You can choose any of the above-mentioned variants depending upon the needs of your projects. If your project is a luxury segment then you should opt for premium quality or standard quality. Premium quality is more suitable for Luxury apartments, designer homes, five-star hotels, and so on. If your budget is tight then you should opt for commercial and super commercial variants. Domestic projects generally use these variants for their needs.

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