Vizag Blue Granite

Polished Vizag Blue Granite

Vizag Blue granite is dark colored granite quarried in the Vizag region of the Indian state Andhra Pradesh. Because of bluish background it is also known as Blue Granite. There are grey and white colored veins like pattern present in blue background of this granite. This material may have slight variation in grey veins pattern from different block to block. Among the various granites found in the India , this one is very popular and hence is widely demanded all over the world. Major countries where this material is widely exported from India are USA, UK, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, Russia and other European countries.

Different Applications of Vizag Blue granite:
Being very resilient this granite has many useful applications in both domestic and industrial segments. Some of the uses of Vizag Blue granite are as follows
a) Flooring: Both tiles and slabs of this granites are good choice for flooring at homes and offices. It is preferable for flooring over other granites as it has uniform color and less variation. Its base color white looks very good on the floor,
b) Countertops: Kitchen countertops manufactured from this granite looks very good in the homes as well as restaurants. As this material is robust countertops built from it lasts for very long time.
c) Staircases: Being durable material it is extensively used for making staircases. Another reason for being used for staircases is that it can easily match with the surroundings. In fact many shopping malls these days have staircases built from this granite.


Trade Names
Vizag Blue Granite
Slabs, tiles, Countertops
Polish, Flamed, Gangsaw cut only
Flooring, Countertops, Wall Tiles

Vizag Blue Granite Pictures

Polished Vizag Blue Granite

Vizag Blue Granite
Vizag Blue Granite