Types of Red Granite in India

As name suggesting this text is close to tell us the name and details of red color granite which are quarried in indian territories. There are quite 100 colors of granite quarried in indian states, now are suggesting some popular red granite we producing with all size and dimensions specially for the projects.

New Imperial Red Granite: This granite is additionally referred to as ruby red granite, kissan red, fortune red granite etc. This is often very famous red granite worldwide used for tombstone, counters and lots of more places. Consist with dark blood red background and black flower spreading evenly on the surface make this granite perfect and classy look. naturally it’s very hard granite thanks to high density of quartz inside and having excellent fire resistance ability make perfect for kitchen places. Fortuna Marmo Granite cutting random big slabs, random small slabs, tiles and custom sizes with this granite and has very deep touch with the quarry for ample availability of blocks. The quarry area is found near Jaipur city in Rajasthan state of india, and therefore the village name is Shahpura .

Jhansi Red Granite : First of All the name suggesting the situation of the quarry of this granite is Jhansi city within the Utter Pradesh state of India. a really little blue sparkle flowers on surface make this granite different from new imperial red granite. This specification is vital for those that search difference between new imperial red and Jhansi red red granite. the sole problem with this granite is extremely availability of massive slabs and little slab good blocks in quarry. you’ll say big size slabs isn’t possible with this granite just small slabs can come but with light variation, there’s no option available to reject the sunshine variation from the slabs. Tiles are often accompany first quality with none variation because it’s cutting from small blocks so we will reject the variation area in cutting tiles. This granite is additionally referred to as Panna red, violet red etc.

Multi Red Granite: This granite is quarried from the varied locations in south region of india. We understand this granite location with color and waves over the surface of this granite. Following are the locations of this granite are quarried.

Shimoga Red

Kanakpura multi red granite has specification of black dark waves of the surface. However it’s documented that this granite always used with red color epoxy for red appearance. At the opposite hand Dignikota Multi Red granite consist very less black waves and high density of red background. Whereas Shimoga Multi Red is additionally similar but having many cracks and fissures problem despite its cheaper than other two pattern of multi red granite. This granite also referred to as Redmulticolor Granite.

Red Granite Price in India

Price is predicated on the standard of slabs.