Quality Control by Granite Suppliers

Granite gives one of the most amazing looks to any installed place. It can be used for commercial as well as residential purposes. One of the reasons why people prefer granite is because of its strength and quality. However, speaking of quality, quality control is one of the most important things for granite suppliers. Quality control and testing are necessary to ensure that the customers receive the same product they have asked for. It is something that you cannot divert your attention from.

Ways of Quality Checking by the Suppliers 

It does not matter if it is a commercial or residential building; you just cannot afford to compromise with the quality of the granite you are installing. Here are some quality checks reputed suppliers do before they finally hand over the granite to the customers.

Granite Quarrying:

Granite blocks or slabs are built out of the best granite stones. Therefore, dents and defects are visible on the slabs. However, using a defective slab is useless since it will distort the entire look of the place. Professional and reputed granite suppliers must check for dents and defects in the granites before they deliver them to the customer. There are numerous tests done to ensure the quality of the granite. These tests check the strength of the granite. A perfect granite test result must have the following:

    • The gravity of the granite must be less than 26
    • The compressive strength of the granite has to be below 1000 kg/cm2
    • The rate of water absorption must not be more than 0.50%


  • Quality plays one of the major roles in the processing of granite. This is the phase where everything is thoroughly checked to ensure that the quality of the granite is perfect. The stain, surface texture, and all the other visible defects are checked during the processing. Here are the kinds of checks that happen during the processing:
  • Production checks: This includes checking the angles of the edges, level of flatness, and polish.
  • Defect checks: This includes checking the wrecked edges, cracks, pinholes, scratches, fissures, repairs, swirl marks, etc.
  • Material Check: This includes checking the overall appearance of the material, such as textures, lines, colors, stains, grain patterns, consistent crystals, etc.
  • Surface Inspection: This includes checking the polish, Cleopatra, natural aperture, etc.

Specification and Size Inspection:

Checking the specification and size of the granite is a must before the product is finally delivered to the customer. Each slab’s thickness, length, and width must be checked thoroughly before delivery. The check can be done through a manual inspection. Here the slabs are checked one by one individually to assure that everything is in place. The size, color, finishing, etc. Everything is checked.


Quality control and tests are the primary things suppliers do to ensure that customer satisfaction is high. Getting quality-checked granite will ensure that there will be no further repairing or changing costs within a specific period.

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