Having grey background with black veins makes the perfect look for grey quartzite. Quartzite by its nature is totally different from marble and granite. Anyone who has less experience with quartzite cannot work with this material. This is just because of its unexpected veins movement in one block. In simple words the texture and veins movement will not be similar after 10 slabs in same block, there is high chances of color and texture movement in this material. There are few types of Quartzite which are very famous worldwide; some of them are as follows.

  • Grey Quartzite
  • Choclate Quartzite
  • Brown Quartzite

Usually we assume the rough surface of quartzite, but that is limestone and not quartzite. Grey quartzite take very deep polish with high gloss, somewhere you can find black small pits and scratch over the surface but that is natural. In india Bejolia village is famous for quarry area of this Grey Quartzite. Color and surface is based on the pit of the quarry. Before making purchase of this quartzite you must be very assure that the color you have choose must be constant because  it has the problem of little mixture of pink shade in grey background which makes it looks some brown color on the surface. For projects we are cutting this material with all dimensions and thickness, following are the sizes we are cutting this stone.

Big Slabs { 280 – 300 cm x 160 – 190 cm & Above}

Small Slabs { 220 – 280 cm x 60 – 75 cm & Above}

Sizes may be similar with granite and marble slabs of this stone but nature is totally different. For example black galaxy we all know very popular granite from india, we know the golden flecks are uniform in nature but in quartzite the surface is not predictable it could be some light color variation with high movement of black waves.

However with Fortuna Marmo Granite you are assured to get what you have buy because our policy is to show the block and bundle wise photos of the material for your selection so that you can be assure about the slabs quality you are buying.