India as a Leading Granite Supplier And Exporter In the World

India is known worldwide as a leading supplier and exporter of granite. It is the biggest maker and exporter of natural stones, representing more than 30% of the overall market. Granite types in India & this industry is famous for its excellent items and effective creation process. In this article, we will explore why India has emerged as a leading granite supplier and exporter in the world.

Introduction to Indian Granite Industry

Indian Granite industry has a well-established history and is quite possibly of the most seasoned industry in the country. The business started during the 1970s, and from there on out, it has been flourishing. India has a huge save of regular stones, which incorporates granite, marble, sandstone, limestone. Out of these,  indian granite is the most popular and highly demanded natural stone.

Abundance of Granite Deposits

One of the essential justifications for why India is known as a main provider and exporter of stone is the wealth of granite stores in the country. Granite types in India found in different colors, patterns, and textures in almost all the regions of India. The nation has various quarries situated in various states like Andhra Pradesh is famous for black galaxy granite, Telangana has rich deposit of tan brown granite, Karnataka is popular for absolute black granite, Tamil Nadu is famous for yellow color granite, Rajasthan, and Gujarat is popular for new exotic granite.

Quality of Granite

Granite types in India is known for its high quality and unique patterns. The granite produced in India is highly durable, weather-resistant, and can withstand extreme temperature conditions. The stone is accessible in a large number of varieties, including dark, dim, red, pink, green, and white, making it profoundly flexible and famous among modellers and fashioners.

Advanced Technology and Efficient Production Process

The Indian granite industry has invested heavily in advanced technology, machinery, and equipment to enhance the production process. This has resulted in high efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced production cost. The use of technology has also helped in producing granite products of consistent quality, thereby meeting international standards.

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Skilled Workforce

India has a skilled workforce that is proficient in quarrying, processing, and finishing granite products. The workers are trained to handle the latest technology and machinery used in the production process. This has helped in maintaining the quality of the granite products and meeting the delivery deadlines.

Competitive Pricing

The Indian granite industry offers competitive pricing for its products, making it a preferred choice for buyers worldwide. The pricing is lower than the granite produced in other countries like Italy, China, and Brazil. The lower cost is due to the availability of cheap labor, abundant raw materials, and efficient production process.

Global Reach

The Indian granite industry has a global reach, and the country exports its granite products to more than 120 countries worldwide. The major export destinations include the USA, UK, Germany, China, Italy, and Japan. The industry generates significant foreign exchange for the country, contributing to the economy’s growth.

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