Difference Between Ceramic Tiles And Granite Tiles

Granite and ceramic tiles both are used for flooring material. They both are sturdy, long lasting and beautiful tiles which can be used in your home. But we still have prepared a guide for you to choose between them because you are the one who is going to live in your house for a really long time.

Selecting between granite tile and ceramic tile truly depend upon where it is going to be install. It totally rely upon personal priorities too.

Granite tiles is natural stone with grains. It is stain and water resistant and very easy to clean too. It is form in extreme heat and pressure, so, comes in variety of colors and patterns in forms of slabs and tiles which are adjustable to any space.

Ceramic tiles are composed of sand, natural products and clays, it has beautiful charming appearance to itself which is a perfect material for your house. It has several colors, patterns and styles. These tiles comes in glazed and unglazed.

Difference Between Ceramic Tiles And Granite Tiles, Granite tiles, ceramic tiles

Moreover, glazed tiles comes in shiny and polished look whereas unglazed tiles look more natural and rustic. Ceramic tiles are durable and also have moisture repellent qualities.


Granite tiles is natural stone, in apparent manner it is limited in colors and styles. But is has irregular patterns and colors which give it sophisticated as well as simple appearance to the space where it going to be used. This tiles comes in only two finishing.

Ceramic tiles have variety of colors, patterns, motifs and styles. It is for someone who loves to try something experimental.  It can give funky appearance to the house.


Granite tiles are durable and stable material with heaviness. So, they are resistant to friction or get damaged or chipped. But they are also porous in nature which make them vulnerable to stains and scratches. If taken proper care and sealed it when it is installed and resealed it in every few years then it will remain evergreen.

Ceramic tiles are not easily get scratched, stained or imprinted if exposed to liquid, dirt or stains. But this tile is not as durable as granite, so it can easily get damaged with friction of heavy materials.


Cost is one of the aspect which is going to impact your choice between granite and ceramic tile greatly. However, we can say that granite is most expensive tile that ceramic tile and ceramic tile is superior tile because of its cheaper cost. But granite is expensive because of its good quality material and it come in very different ranges too. You can easily select granite between different ranges of cost in whatever way it fits in your budget.

Installing procedure:-

Not only cost of material but the cost of installation will also affect your decision. Granite is difficult to install by yourself because it requires special skill, technique and machines to do it.

While ceramic tiles can be done by you but it also needs machine to done work with proper finishes.

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Difference Between Ceramic Tiles And Granite Tiles, Granite tiles, ceramic tilesDifference Between Ceramic Tiles And Granite Tiles, Granite tiles, ceramic tiles

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