Black Granite Countertops

In case you’re longing for including a striking, yet advanced component to your kitchen, consider black granite countertops. They emit a sensational appearance that glances really astounding in present-day kitchens. In a blend with light, white kitchen cupboards, and light wood flooring, countertops will sparkle and look unimaginably smooth. Regardless of whether you incline toward strong dark rock countertops hues or gold-spotted and entwined with different shades, tones, and spots, here are some black granite kitchen countertops you will adore.

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Black Galaxy Granite

This assortment of granite countertops includes an abundance of little gold, copper, and white specks. Its name says everything in the very pith of this in this ideal granite takes after the very stars in our cosmic system. Black Galaxy Granite has a place with the gathering of black granite countertops and is one of its generally delightful and most well known delegates. In spite of the fact that it looks completely dark from a far distance, when you draw near to it, you can see its extravagance and unadulterated polish. Black Galaxy granite countertops are incredibly solid, hard-wearing, exceptionally dampness, stain, and warmth safe, and come at a low support cost. 

black granite countertops

Pros & cons of Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

Black granite colors are an outright most loved of numerous property holders and inside originators. It’s solid, ground-breaking, and interesting, so it’s no big surprise why individuals love it. Then again, some waver to utilize it since they accept dark granite needs more upkeep, yet this is to a greater degree a legend than a genuine drawback. The individuals who love dark rock hues, call its consideration “the work of affection”. 

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  • Ensured complexity: Black granite ensures a shocking and significant appearance, with significant profundity and refinement.
  • Amazing complexities: Black granite hues are anything but difficult to consolidate with other kitchen components, particularly on the off chance that they include differentiating hues, as distinct white cupboards. Dark countertops will stop people in their tracks in a moderate, light, and vaporous kitchen space.
  • Solid and Tough: Black granite can last you a lifetime. It is stain, water, warmth, and chip safe.


  • Can make the kitchen look excessively dim: This can happen just on the off chance that you pair dark granite countertops with dark cabinetry with no differentiating or lighter subtleties and kitchen components. Offset dark granite hues with lighter, differentiating tints and tones.
  • It is difficult to keep up and keep clean dark counters: Much the same as some other granite, dark rock hues need cleaning, fixing, and cleaning, as well. The facts confirm that breadcrumbs, flour, and specs of residue can stand apart on a dark ledge more than on other rock countertops hues. The arrangement is simple. Simply wipe down the ledge consistently with mellow cleanser, warm water, and delicate material.
  • It’s inclined to marks: Water rings and fingerprints may flaunt more on dark rock hues than on other granite countertops hues. You can without much of a stretch evacuate them utilizing a characteristic granite cleaner.
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