Black galaxy granite is one of the most prominent granite found in India. It is an expert’s choice for making kitchen countertops and floorings. This stone is very popular worldwide because of its luster and shine. It is found in the State of Andhra Pradesh where its quarries are located. Rough blocks, slabs, tiles, and countertops of this stone are exported from India to the world. Though this stone is highly demanded there are many problems associated with this granite. However our clients are very interested to know black galaxy granite problems, so here we are explaining some of the major black galaxy granite problems to clear the doubts.

We will discuss some of the main problems relating to the nature of black galaxy granite

Black lines– on the surface of the stone sometimes we see black lines. It is not necessary that every stone has a black line but these days it is hard to blocs without this black line. Further, there can be multiple black lines in one bloc or single slabs. It is the nature of this material. These black lines can be vertical and horizontal. Also, they vary in thickness. There can a small pencil line or a very thick line or medium line on the stone. On average, almost 20-30% of the slabs processed from high-quality galaxy blocs have these lines. It is rare to find a bloc without any black line. 

White lines– In addition to black line black galaxy stone can also white lines on its surface. As with black lines, these white lines can also be more than one and multi-directional. The white line is considered to be a very big issue then black line because it ruins the look of the stone. So the stone with white lines is of commercial and low quality. As such they are not suitable for export and mostly use in domestic markets.

Cracks– Cracks can occur in the stone due to many reasons. First due to poor processing of the stone. Second due to faulty blocks. Third due to mishandling by labors and lastly due to bad packing and transportation issues. If the crack is in a corner then it can be trimmed but if the crack is in the center then nothing can be done about it.

Galaxy Variation– A great deal of variation can come in the black galaxy due to the nonuniformity of galaxies, a band in the galaxies, the concentration of galaxies more in one area than other parts of the stone, and very few or no galaxy in the stone. Color variation can also come in this granite. Some slabs are darker while others are relatively light in shade. Usually, some level of variation is there in the black galaxy stone. But if the variation is high then such bloc or stone is considered as inferior and low quality.

Mergeable lines– These lines are normally not visible on the surface of stone but they can be noticed only from closer inspection of the stone. They are relatively minor issues as compared to white and black lines as they don’t distort the color and pattern of the stone. We are showing you the photo of premium black galaxy granite, we Fortuna Marmo Granite has ample availability of good blocks. We can process premium quality black galaxy granite slabs, black galaxy granite countertops, black galaxy granite staircase, black galaxy granite backsplash.

So far we have discussed all the major problems found in the black galaxy granite. It is difficult to find any granite block devoid of any problems discussed above. That’s why clean slabs are way more expensive than the other slabs due to this availability issue. If the problem is in the corner then it can be trimmed but if it comes to the center then nothing can be done about. Further, there is also a difference in blocs of the stone from a quarry to quarry. Overall good quality slabs have consistency in galaxy, Color, and pattern.