Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

In modern days, due to increase in population, urban houses are really shrinking in space. While affording measurable kitchen and bed rooms, bathrooms have to sacrifice in size. Compact bathrooms are common in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. as making well-sized bathroom is impractical.
However, bathrooms are those places which, sometimes, our whole family use, and when we are living with children therefore bathrooms are hustling rooms, even with teenagers. Then making bathrooms functional for every age group of the family is important.
For some of us bathroom is also a relaxing place after a tedious work day and having expanse and elegant bathrooms with cabinets to store all the storage makes peaceful environment.

bathroom renovation ideas

Moreover, if bathrooms comes with windows which let natural light to come inside, then its best for ventilation and create space to it. When you are thinking about renovating your bathroom then using some tricks and ideas which will give the illusion of considerable bathrooms are discussed below:

I. Using more mirrors in small or compact bathrooms makes it bigger in appearance and it can also help to evade quarrel in rushing hours. Having a mirror which is stretched across the wall will give everyone space to get ready without any delays.

II. It’s better to have same materials of floor and wall to make it appear clean and add the element of harmony. It is foremost to select surface materials which are easy to clean in day-to-day life.

III. Bigger tiles give the illusion of vast area even in small areas, using tiles of patterns and stripes which cast the expansive effect will create bold and attractive look of the bathroom.

IV. Use fancy faucets, tap ware and fittings to make more glam and sophisticated bathrooms by choosing from various finishes which are available easily. And also invest in right type of bathroom tools and equipment which are suitable to your family style and are long lasting.

V. It is best to not construct shower doors in small bathrooms which will only shrink the space. You can use shower curtains which moves back and forth and to steer clear of flooding your bathrooms every time to take a shower then its best to use glass panels. Even shower tub combos are also best for compact bathrooms.

bathroom renovation ideas

VI. Bathrooms should not be monotonous in color schemes. Bathrooms should be colorful with different combinations. It should be pleasing to eyes and develop relaxing atmosphere.

VII. Lightning is one of the most salient feature of small bathrooms with right type of light and when installed in right angle it can give clean and subtle look of space and also add natural cozy glow to it.

VIII. There should always be a handy stool or comfortable sofa or folding seat (according to your family needs) in bathrooms which will save time and be useful to you in various situations.

IX. Going with round fixtures will make bathroom cleaner and classier and will be helpful when children are younger, it will prevent bumping into corners. And to mount the vanity above makes the bathroom appear big.

bathroom renovation ideas

X. There should always be hidden storage because in families there is never enough space for storage. To make bathroom look tidier, there should be mirror cabinets which will kill two birds with one stone or using seats which have space to store below them.

XI. Using every corner of the bathroom for storing or using vertical storage will make it more spacious. Freestanding furniture gives more pliability with space, e.g., tower-rack ladder which are trendy for modern bathrooms.

XII. Using all white color scheme in bathrooms definitely fulfill your desire of open and bigger bathrooms.

XIII. A laundry casket is a prime facility which should be available to every family member. Using washable laundry bags which do not stink because of dirty clothes are best.

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