Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock which is mainly used for construction purpose. Most of the sandstone from India in mined in the state of Rajasthan. Indian sandstone is known for its high tensile strength and quality. Due to such attributes they maintain their beauty and elegance for decades. In fact many of the popular monuments and forts in India are built from sandstone. Indian sandstone’s are available in different color and patterns. Some of the popular sandstone’s found in India are following

  1. Chocolate– A popular brown sandstone from Dholpur district of Rajasthan. It is mainly used for constructing pathways, flooring and monuments. It is also available purple shades.
  2. Dholpur Biege – As the name suggests it is also originate from Dholpur. Its main color is beige. On closer view light purple veins are evident on the surface of this stone.
  3. Dholpur Pink – Its uniform color and high durability makes it suitable for various construction applications such as roofing, walls and flooring.
  4. Dholpur Red– A red sandstone also known as Agra red has been used in many widely known ancient buildings such as Red fort and Agra fort. Presence of iron oxide is the main cause because of which the stone has red color.
  5. Kandla Grey– A unique grey sandstone from India. It is available in both light and dark variants. It is good choice for flooring in offices, homes, railway stations, and parking spaces and so on. A great deal of variation is observed in this stone due to presence of quartz grains.
  6. Teakwood– A yellow sandstone found in the Khatu Village of Rajasthan. It is the most popular sandstone of all the sandstone found in India. Its color resembles wooden surface. There are orange lines like pattern in the yellow background of stone.
  7. Rainbow– This stone originate from Nagaur region of Rajasthan. One can observe different color thin lines like pattern on the front surface of stone. It is because of these different color patterns it is called Rainbow.Fortuna Marmo Granite has specialize in cutting all sizes and shapes with sawn finish and polish finish. Please contact us to get best price and quality.

Sandstone are mainly used for different construction purposes such as making pathways, footpath, garden sideways, flooring in both homes and offices, walls and so on. Major cause of their popularity over other construction materials such as granite and marble is that they are less expensive than them. Even the most expensive sandstone is cheap than average granite. So they are highly recommended for big infrastructure projects such as railway station, mall complexes, and corporate offices another attribute which makes them unique is extreme toughness. As discussed earlier they have been used in historic building and monuments which are still standing and are center of tourist attraction. In fact they are more suitable for construction pathways, parking spaces, sideways and garden path due to non-slippery nature as granite and marble are considerably more slippery. This is the reason most modern pathways and sideways is made from sandstone. Another reason for their use is that their maintenance cost is negligible.

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