Types of Granite Finishes

Granite is one of the most widely utilized materials for kitchen or bathroom worktops, as any designer would verify. And also for good reason! The use of granite in home décor has many advantages. Granite countertops are the focal point of your space thanks to their stunning surface patterns and all types of granite finishes. In fact, designers frequently decide on the distinctively coloured or patterned granite first in high-end luxury kitchens and baths before planning the rest of the space around it!

Granite is a stunning, long-lasting stone that is frequently used in residences. Due to its resilience to a variety of harm, such as heat, scratches, and stains, it is a beloved material. Despite the fact that marble is a naturally occurring stone, there are over 600 different hues and patterns that may be bought. Granite is frequently used for outdoor décor, fireplace surrounds, vanity tops, and kitchen counters.

Types of Granite Finishes

The most versatile natural stones for any type of residential or commercial development have proven to be those made of granite. Granite that has been carefully polished to a stunning high-gloss, reflective surface is known as polished granite. This stone can add a sense of luxury to a space because of its reflective characteristics. Without hesitation, interior designers select granite for construction and remodeling projects. Ever wonder the reasons why? Because it comes in a variety of colors and designs, is strong, elegant, and inexpensive. It is crucial to understand the various granite stone surface finishes that are available.

Let’s examine types of stone surfaces in detail

  1. Polished Finish

For granite countertops, polished is the most typical finish. The polished surface of the granite slab gives it a glossy, nearly mirror-like appearance. The qualities of the stone are accentuated with a polished finish. The textures and colors will be more vivid.

This is the finish that is used the most frequently on granite surfaces. The main goal of using this treatment is to bring out the natural beauty of the stone and provide elegance to any room. A granite surface with a polished finish has a reflective sheen that dazzles observers. This polish is renowned for bringing out the granite’s natural beauty and colour.

polished granite slabs

Nearly all countertop surfaces are given a polished finish, which is similar to an intrinsic aspect of stone processing and makes the surface slicker. In a similar vein, floorings frequently use this finish. The polishing process in granite factory involves grinding and buffing to give the stone’s surface a glossy, slick appearance. The stone slab travels through several polishing rollers with abrasive pads attached. By applying pressure to the stone and grinding and buffing the surface, these pads polish the stone. In order to get the desired gloss, the pad intensity is measured in grits and starts at 50 grit, and reaching up to 3000 grit to attain the desired gloss.

  1. Honed Finish

A super smooth surface without any gloss or reflection is produced by a honed finish, often known as a matte or buffed finish. This finish is produced by stopping the normal polishing procedure before the stone is polished to provide a flat finish, often known as a satin finish. Honed finishes are most frequently used on floors to prevent people from tripping over polished stones’ slick surface. Although granite counters can also have this polish, it renders the material more prone to stains.

This surface treatment is quite popular for counters because it produces a finish that is smoother and more workable. A honed finish also has the advantage of hiding defects better than other finishes because it is less reflecting.

absolute black granite honed

A honed surface is suitable for flooring as well because it is less slippery and shows signs of use or traffic patterns. A polished surface is more effective in retaining moisture than an honed finish. You might need to reseal granite more frequently than polished granite since honed granite is less slippery and stain-resistant. You won’t have to polish the stone, though.

3. Leather finish/CARESSED

A very recent finishing technique is the leathered finish, often known as the brushed finish. It is made by applying texture with subtle dimples to a sharpened surface using diamond-tipped brushes. Finishes with leather tend to look more upscale. Unlike countertops with a honed surface, leathered countertops frequently retain the color of the natural stone.

This is relatively new compared to other granite surface finishes and is quickly gaining appeal in the décor sector. It has a rough appearance and a slight shine that is less polished.

black granite leather

When compared to honed granite, leathered granite will be more stain-resistant since the texture will vary from piece to piece and certain natural stones will have a more pronounced leather finish than others. This surface treatment conceals fingerprints, water stains, and smudges.

Applications: Bar tops, bathrooms, fireplace covers, and specially made tables

  1. Flamed finish

Due to the extreme heat that is applied to the stone’s surface, only granite may have a flamed finish. Because of this, the flamed finish is rather uncommon; in fact, outdoor kitchens tend to favour it more than interior ones. Granite is burned at extremely high temperatures, which causes the stone’s grains to rupture and change color, to produce a flamed finish. The finished item has a rougher finish and a more aged appearance. Colors on flamed-finished countertops are often subdued.

This finish is characterized by a slightly uneven stone surface. The finishing procedure also lightens the stone finish slightly, giving it a more weathered, rustic, and lighter appearance.

absolute black flamed granite

This finish is made by exposing the stone surface to a high-intensity flame, which causes the surface to spurt and become gritty, as its name suggests. For outdoor applications where a non-slip surface is required, it is the perfect finish.

Applications: Paving, outside walls, and outdoor kitchen

  1. Lapotra Finish 

It is well known that Italy is where the term “Lapotra ” originate. To generate Lapotra finish, the granite surface is first grinded by employing an abrasive to remove the polish. Other stone abrasives are then used to remove scratches from the stone. The leather finish is then applied using various stone brushes with the following numbers: 26, 60, 80, 120, 240, 320, and 500. To achieve a final stone finish that is a combination of muted and gloss, and less shiny, three additional unique stones with the numbers 800, 1500, and 3000 are then used. Granite with a Lapotra finish has a grainy, tarnished appearance that is incredibly fashionable. The surface is non-slippery and quick to clean.

Spice Black Lapatura Finish

8. Bush Hammered Finish

By continuously hitting the stone with steel brushes that tend to break the surface and leave cracks, this polish is produced. Bush-hammering is a technique for creating exceptionally slip-resistant surfaces, much like the flamed finish discussed above. It can also be used to recreate the appearance of a crude polish from a time when the stone was hand-chiseled. Ultimately, a little steel brushing is performed to give the surface a “time-worn” appearance.

bush hammered granite

8. Brushed Hammered Finish

Brushed surface Granite is made by lightly scratching its surface till it develops structure. In comparison to polished granite, stones with this finish have been given a brushing technique that makes them more porous. A brushed finish mutes the granite’s colour similarly to an honed finish. Granite with a brushed surface has the ability to hide flaws and scratches, which happen frequently during use.

brushed granite

Possibilities for Granite Finishing at Fortuna Marmo Granite

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