Top 5 Granite For Your Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom flooring made with granite tiles will give an elegant appearance with durability and versatility. These tiles are water-resistant because bathroom is that place which is constantly exposed to flowing water. Further, it will add spacious and openness in the bathrooms.
It is well qualified for both wall and floor application in the bathroom. Moreover, if you add all the factors of sophistication, functionality, and durability, granite is an ultimate choice for bathroom floors and it also don’t put an additional burden on your budget.
The ability to resist stains of grease, oil, or juices, granite is a perfect material when used on both wall and floor to give rhythmic flow to the bathroom appearance. There are top five granite listed below for bathroom flooring to save you time.

1. Absolute Black Granite Tile:

Absolute black granite is an Indian granite also known as Jet Black Granite and one of the darkest granite available. Due to solid black with no porosity makes it one of the premium granite. It can easily be used for bathroom flooring and for wall cladding which will give an enhancive look because of its simple and plain color.

TOP 5 GRANITE FOR YOUR BATHROOM FLOORING, Bathroom Flooring Granite, absolute black granite

2. Dessert Brown Granite Tile:

Desert brown granite is well known in northern parts of India and it is quarried in Rajasthan. If you want warm brown atmosphere for your bathroom then desert brown granite is the best choice and it is widely used as floors and walls too. The background of this granite is dark brown with yellowish, golden, and brownish small flowers like patterns. Also known as tropic brown granite.

TOP 5 GRANITE FOR YOUR BATHROOM FLOORING, Bathroom Flooring Granite, desert brown granite

3. Rajasthan Black Granite Tile:

Rajasthan Black Granite is a relatively latest granite for the foreign market with blue and black dots in the black background of the granite. It is an amazing alternative to absolute black granite and economical. This dark granite can enhance the charm of your bathroom. You can patently use this black granite in leather finishing for walls and polished finishing for the flooring in your bathroom. This looks wonderful in honed finishing too. There are many finishing available in this granite for use in bathroom countertops, walls, and flooring. It will surely add shine and gleam in the bathroom area which will make it look larger.

4. Kashmir White Granite Tile:

This is one of the obvious candidate for the walls of the bathroom and flooring. It is a medium-gradient, white-gray granulite granite. This bright white granite intensify the beauty of any noble bathroom with a pleasing texture. It tends to conserve its color and pattern for a very long time that means it is long-lasting. You can use tiles of 24×12 or 12×12 inches for the bathroom tiles. Moreover, you can purchase Kashmir white granite with flamed, polished, and leather finishing for the bathroom tiles.

TOP 5 GRANITE FOR YOUR BATHROOM FLOORING Bathroom, Flooring Granite, kashmir white granite

5. Crystal Yellow Granite Tile:

Crystal Yellow Granite is an elegant yellow granite from north India, which you can use in making a dazzling colored bathroom. It has shiny yellow background with black dots which looks sophisticated and will absolutely catch the attention of onlookers. The tiles are gorgeous and homogenous in patterns and colors.

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