Most Popular Indian Granite Colors

Granite countertops are quickly rising in popularity in kitchens, and not just because they are stunning. Granite countertops are simple to maintain, strong (a properly maintained granite countertop can last 100 years), able to tolerate extremely high or low temperatures, and distinctive to any location. Granite is a type of natural stone that is mined from unique rocks beneath the earth’s surface. Because it is so distinctive, granite naturally displays its own patterns and hues in every place. Granite countertops come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and finishes and are simple to maintain.

Granite is a type of igneous rock that is found naturally within the Earth and is quarried as a natural stone. In contrast to artificial materials like quartz, the colors and patterns of granite vary naturally depending on the locality. There’s a reason why granite kitchen countertops are so popular and will explain you Most Popular Indian Granite Colors also.

  • Neutral tones Granite

This unbiased tenor fits in with the overall design of the kitchen. It adds a substantial backdrop impression to your kitchen without drawing attention to itself. Given that it’s neutral, you don’t need to worry too much about color schemes matching. A neutral-toned granite countertop can be your best option if you’re unsure of which granite hue will work best for your kitchen. There are soft mid-tone colors that go wonderfully with any décor, such as pastel blues, dove greys, neutral whites, beige tans, peaches, and creams. Over the years, people have come to love it for how inconspicuous it is, and in 2022, it is still relevant.

  • Dark Granite

The patterns and colors of the granite are greatly influenced by the location where it was quarried. Dark granite hues are striking, lovely, and fashionable. Dark granite countertops come in a variety of forms and patterns, so you must decide which one best suits your decor.

  • Leathered Finish

The granite countertop with a leathered surface is the best option if you don’t mind making a big statement with your decor. This distinctive granite shade has a rough, grainy appearance. It lacks the shine that other granite surfaces have that reflects light. Given how well it conceals stains, scratches, and other signs of regular wear and tear, it is ideal for large kitchens and cluttered areas.

  • Multi-Colored Granite

Recently, many homeowners have developed a fondness for granite countertops with many different colors and patterns; some are even looking for designs that are more intricate and vibrant than ever. This is the perfect option if you want a granite countertop that will catch your guests’ attention. Make sure that the kitchen decor is muted so that it doesn’t look tacky in order to make it stand out and appear more professional.

Special veining and patterns

For 2022, distinctive veining and patterns are back in style, and many homeowners are choosing granite countertop materials with these features in order to create an eye-catching focal point for their kitchen designs. Look for natural stone’s characteristic veins, mineral deposits, color flecks, and other patterns.

Recent trends among homeowners and designers like busy patterns with many color changes or a variety of crisscrossing veins and patterns. The more complicated the surface seems, the better. Make sure the rest of the kitchen is sufficiently subdued to handle it.

Similar to dark granite, white granite comes in a variety of patterns and colors depending on the location of the quarries. For instance, Alaska White Granite looks fantastic when combined with dramatic dark kitchen decor. Any cool color, black cabinetry, and stainless steel fixtures go nicely with it. Colonial White is another well-liked white granite shade. It is white granite with black and grey accents. This is also considerable as Most Popular Indian Granite Colors .

alaska white granite

Colonial White granite is a Precambrian rock with fine-grained, grey-white granulite that is predominantly covered with black veins and specks, along with burgundy garnets. It is composed primarily of feldspar and quartz, with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles, and other minerals. The actual hue of the granite is determined by the make-up of these minerals.

colonial white granite

A beautiful granite shade called River White Granite has a consistent pattern of white, grey, black, and burgundy. This countertop material will have streaks of grey and black, as well as dots and stains. Bright white granite called “River White” with patches and streaks of red or burgundy color. It is frost-resistant, suitable for frequent polishing, and suitable for both internal and exterior use.

river white granite

It has gorgeously coordinated swirls of white, grey, and black colours. This natural stone combines the elegance of marble with the renowned granite’s durability. Every designer’s dream material, Viscount White has an extremely delicate appearance. It is a great option for a countertop because it is durable and affordable compared to alternatives.

viscount white granite

Pinkish-beige granite with fine to medium-sized grains is called Shiva Gold Granite. It contains multiple veins and dots that are brown-red. The height of sophistication and elegance is a perfect material for countertops and flooring. This kind of granite is used to make a range of granite products. Shiva Gold Granite’s rich, polished & white colors with superb wavy structures produce striking contrasts with light & dark colored cabinets. It is suited for both conservative and bold design approaches.

Shivakashi granite

With flecks of white and transparent quartz crystals throughout its surface and a deep black surface, Titanium Gold Granite is captivating granite. This gold granite tile also has patterns of mica over its backdrop that is silver and gold in colour. The granite tile is a wonderful complement to kitchen countertops, handicrafts, swimming pools, bathroom walls & floors, fireplaces, granite floor tiles, etc. because of its traditional appearance. This is also considerable as Most Popular Indian Granite Colors .

titanium gold granite

Absolute Black Granite is Precambrian black basalt (dolerite) with an equi-granular crystalline structure that is exceedingly dark and fine to close-grained. Internationally, this stone may be claimed as granite, however in the region where the European Standard is applicable, this stone must be classified as rocks.

indian black granite

The Precambrian Black Galaxy Granite is a black gabbroic extensive with fine to medium grained, golden-yellow flashing broncite scales. It is offered in slabs and tiles, enabling imaginative and well-planned installations. For granite countertops, accent walls, backsplashes, cladding, floors, and other features, this hard granite is recommended. It is appropriate for indoor and exterior projects.

black galaxy granite

Tan Brown granite has particles that are dark brown, black, and grey. Including walls, floors, countertops, and other architectural components, this hardy natural granite performs admirably in a range of indoor and exterior projects. Both homeowners and designers overwhelmingly like the color tan for both indoor and exterior applications. The calibrated granite tiles are primarily used for kitchen counters and bathroom vanity tops, but they can also be utilized for floors, stairs, and backsplashes.

Tan Brown Granite

Dark-colored granite known as Vizag Blue granite is mined in the Andhra Pradesh region of India. It also goes by the name Blue Granite due to its bluish background. In areas with freezing conditions, it is advised for all industrial and residential applications, including outdoor counters and walls. It is well-known across the world due to its high hardness, scratch resistance, durability, flawless finishing, heat resistance, and durability.

vizag blue granite

Which granite shade should you purchase?

No matter how much we discuss the most popular granite hues, in the end, it all comes down to your kitchen, your house, and your own personal preferences. If you don’t like a popular granite countertop kind or it clashes with the general color scheme of your kitchen, there’s no purpose in purchasing it.

Choosing the best granite countertop for your kitchen is an investment because it will raise the value of your house when you decide to sell. Buyers will be more interested in your house if your kitchen décor is current. In the interim, you can benefit from a sturdy, gorgeous, and useful granite countertop in your kitchen.

You must still like your countertops! However, if you want to sell your house soon, choose one of the most well-liked granite countertop colors is a good approach to maintain a high resale value for your house. The majority of the time, consumers prefers trendy materials that will keep the area current for a number of years.

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