Marble Countertop Pros and Cons

To choose a right natural stone for kitchen countertops is difficult when you know little about their hidden secrets.

Marbles come in natural stone with their unquestionable beauty and charm. They come in various gradients and colors with versatile and pronounced veins. They promptly create a sense of elegance and grandeur in whatever space it is used.

Marbles are trending for fashionable countertops to construct classy kitchens and bathrooms. They add richness and an aesthetic appearance but magnificent things come with a price, similarly marbles come with pros and cons, and can cost a pretty penny for their polished gleaming looks.
Marble has quite few noteworthy drawbacks behind the gorgeous exterior look but those marble countertops will be mind-blowing in your kitchen space and worth the investment.

Let’s dive into the positives and negatives of marble countertops.


  1. Marbles are made of material which are naturally occurring all over world which gives a lot of options in quality and quantity-wise. It’s obvious that marble is a gorgeously shining stone which adds alluring appearance in whichever room it is placed.
  2. Marbles are heat-resisting, they don’t get easily degraded with hot environment like kitchen where baking and cooking are done longer. The surface of marble will remain cool but if hot pot are placed on surface it will do some serious damage to it or burn it.
  3. It marbles are used for renovation or maintained properly over the years, it will surely increase the value of our house.


  1. Marble are high maintenance with porous nature- When we get deeper into the geology of marble, which indicate that marbles are soft and porous in nature compared to other natural stones. All the staining agents like oil, wine, lemon or tomato juice leak and steep deep into the rock and permanently damage it. Heavy belts or clunky jewelry get in contact with the marble will be chipped it. It will be difficult to reverse the condition. But with reliable solutions we can maintain the marble countertops, i.e., to clean stains with lukewarm water regularly, to install sealing from the professional and reseal it in every 6 months. These should be followed devotedly to overcome this weakness of marble.
  2. Marbles are prone to stains and scratches- Due to porosity of marble, it is more prone to stains and scratches than any other natural stone. Constant use of acid on marble will etch the surface and wears off the sealant which will definitely dull the surface and make it further vulnerable to scratches. If you hone your marble, a process which gives it a matte, less polishes effect might make etching less noticeable. Unfortunately, it won’t stop it from happening.
  3. Marbles are expensive- Marbles are proper definition of luxury but due their availability in many countries and places, they can come in reasonable prices These marbles come from different area and so have different cost. Simple plain marble slabs are affordable by homeowners but as choices in colors with distinct veins increases, so does price tags.

Carrara is one the most affordable material in the market, mainly because it is readily available. Luxury stone like Calacatta white marble with whiter surface and striking veins is available in few places.

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