Major  Differences Between Marble And Granite Headstone

Granite Headstones

A headstone or tombstone is a large and tall stone structure that sits on the top of a grave and is carved with the name of a deceased person. While selecting the stone for a headstone, it is important to select a durable material that can last for decades. Being said that, Indian Granites and Marble are the two popular choices that come in the picture first. But, which one would stand the test of time and is better? Here we, the leading Indian granite suppliers and manufacturers are with the major differences to help you in making a well-informed decision.

Marble V/S Granite Headstones   

Based on certain factors, the major differences between marble and granite headstones are mentioned below. Read on.

Granite tombstones

  • Composition- Marble is made up of limestone consisting of dolomite or calcite. It forms from the transformation of other rocks under high pressure and temperature. Thus, it is available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Conversely, Indian granites are made up of igneous rock, which is consisting of quartz, feldspar, mica and other trace materials. Furthermore, it is formed from the slow cooling of magma present in the earth’s crust.

  • Durability- The granite is harder and stronger than marbles, which in turn can last longer for decades. After a period, inscriptions on marble headstones or tombstones are more likely to get fade, even marble can crack, chip and erode. Whereas, granite tombstones can withstand extreme weather conditions and promise to serve for longer durations. Fortuna Marmo granites & suppliers have a wide range of Indian granites like Rajasthan Black, Spice Black etc and all are manufactured by state of art technologies and of high-end quality.

Marble headstones

  • Exquisite Colors and Patterns- Marble is available in an elegant selection of colours, textures and patterns and thus, the popular choice in monuments, memorials like headstones or gravestones. Furthermore, it also makes a perfect choice for interior applications in construction projects. And it is an elegant combination of durability and aesthetically pleasing stone. Although, Indian granites are available in various colour variations such as blue, green, gold and yellow. Each granite has distinctive beauty that makes them stand out in the crowd. Also, Indian granites allow customizing the designs based on personal choices and requirements.

What Would You Choose Marble or Granite Headstones? 

Most of the headstones are located outdoors or in open areas, where the wind and rain can make the lettering illegible. Therefore, the selection of stone material should be such that it can last in extreme weather conditions. Marbles can get weathered easily and can develop cracks whereas granites can last for long period with little effect on their natural aesthetics.

Well, choosing marbles or granite headstones is a personal choice. If you are looking for classic white beauty that is unique from the rest, marbles make the ideal choice. While, headstones for intricate engravings and lasting forever, granites are the popular stone.

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We hope the above differences help you to make a well-informed choice. But, still, you are confused about which stone to choose, get expert advice from the leading granite suppliers and manufacturers- Fortuna Marmo Granite.

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