Latest Granite Flooring Design Ideas for Home

Indian Granites are commendable natural stones in the construction industry and among the connoisseur and homeowners who admire the aesthetic art. Along with utmost application in kitchen and vanity counter tops, granite is also recommended for flooring designs in residential and commercial spaces. The reasons behind the popularity of granite flooring are its grandeur appearance and permanence.

If you are looking for sheer luxurious flooring and a plush comfortable home-like as you have ever dreamt of, granite will never disappoint for sure. Also, they are available in a wide range of styles, textures and patterns to suit every traditional and contemporary design of interiors. That’s why here we are going to unravel the few stunning granite flooring designs that can induce the gorgeousness and inventiveness in your style of decor. So let’s begin-

Modern Granite Flooring Designs   

The modern granite flooring design dictates about simplistic yet elegant appearance. For this, the white granite flooring designs or cooler shades will work the best. Whether you want to pair up your flooring with carpet or not, these hues in the modern style of home will look pretty as a picture. Andromeda White Granite, New Kashmir White, Classic White and Vyara Gold are some of the elite choices from our granite selection.

Modern granite flooring design

Minimalist Flooring Designs

Are you looking out for granite flooring designs for your minimalistic home interiors? Then, without any second doubt, go with white granite options like Imperial white, Amba white granite and many more. The key to defining the minimalistic flooring in your interior design defines “Less is More”. Go with clean and little specks of granite flooring designs such as Golden Harmony, Ivory Cream, Surf Green and many more. Squeeze into our collection for the best picks.

Minimalist granite flooring design

Contemporary Granite Flooring Designs

Now, it’s time to find the best match for contemporary homes. Although contemporary styles are constantly evolving through moments but still, earthy or neutral tones of Indian granite flooring designs will never go out of style. You can play around with multiple shades of brown and grey granite to create a spellbound impression. Here are the few instances to sneak upon are Paradiso Classic, Cats Eye, Paradiso Bash, Steel Grey and many more.

Contemporary granite flooring design

Vintage Granite Flooring Designs   

Do you love the retro charismatic style of old houses? Then, our vintage granite flooring design is your sure-shot answer to construct this unique and antique style in your interior design. Choose an off-white or cream coloured granite flooring design for your space to give an air of vintage charm. This will create the aesthetics of interiors to look incredible and attractive. Furthermore, the warm and soothing coloured granites such as Lavender Blue, Himalayan Blue and many more give a vibrant appearance. Just browse our selection and find the premium quality of granites in various finishes and edge profiles.

Vintage granite flooring design

 Luxurious Granite Flooring Designs   

Bold, stylish and royal is all about the luxurious granite flooring defined. If you are exploring for similar, the black granites are the suitable pick to provide the never seen before sophisticated look.  You can check out our Black Pearl, Rajasthan Black, Absolute Black, Black Galaxy etc to create the iconic home. Also, the creative and designer granite flooring designs like green pearl, rosewood, Indian aurora and many more are the best examples to quote royal look in your space.

Luxurious granite flooring design

Granite flooring designs for home create a luxurious, comfortable and glamorous statement that will truly make your space memorable. Go ahead and add that much-needed touch of character to your home with our latest granite flooring designs.


How Fortuna Marmo Granite Can Assist You in Granite Flooring Designs?   

Fortuna Marmo Granite is the leading granite manufacturer and exporter from India. With the varieties of granite selections, we cater for the requirements of beautiful and dream spaces. If you are looking for unique and amazing granite flooring options for your spaces, go ahead and explore the plethora of options available with us.


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