Granite Tombstone & Headstone

What is a tombstone?

granite tombstone

granite tombstone

A tombstone, sometimes known as a headstone, is a tall stone structure that lies above a grave. It usually includes the deceased’s name and an epitaph, which can be written by family members who choose to remember their loved one in this way. Granite tombstone & headstone is an essential component of the stone working business and has acted as a reminder and tribute to the deceased for millennia in numerous cultures. 

What is a headstone?

A headstone is a stone stele or memorial set over a grave. It is customary in the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths. In most cases, it bears the deceased’s name, date of birth, and date of death, as well as a personal message or prayer, but it may also maintain elements of funerary art, particularly details in stone relief. In many regions of Europe, placing granite monuments for deceased in a frame is relatively standard.

Why are tombstones and headstones important?

People regard tombstones as having unique significance in their life because they believe they are eternally linked to the deceased. Headstones are made so that people can remember their loved ones’ life. There are no size or type restrictions on markings or monuments. The cemetery, on the other hand, frequently limits the size and type of gravestones. 

Why is granite suitable for tombstones and headstones?

Granite tombstones are composed of the most robust, most natural material available. They are non-porous and will not fade or crack with time. This implies that granite tombstones are beautiful tributes to your loved ones and an enduring homage to their memories—most people like them since they are attractive and endure a long time. Granite has a great texture and comes in various colors, ranging from vivid reds to captivating blacks, deep blues to lovely greys.  Some popular headstones Vizag blue granite, Absolute black granite, Red multicolor granite, Colombo jupara granite and Indian Aurora Granite.

granite monuments
granite monuments
granite monuments

Features of granite tombstone-:

  • Good looking
  • Increased resilience
  • Easy to maintain
  • Increased Versatility


Tombstones or headstones in cemeteries can indicate if people are still alive and will be buried eventually, but most grave markers indicate where someone has already been planted. So, whether they are intended to mark the location of a current or future grave,

Granite is a famous stone for making grave monuments such as headstones. It can survive extreme weather conditions and preserve its natural beauty for many years. Granite is versatile since it can be cut or molded into various shapes.

Choosing the proper stone for your loved one’s headstone is a big decision. Though some users believe marble and bronze to be good selections, granite is still the most widely used material to make headstones, memorial benches, gravestones, and other commemorative things.

Granite stones come in a variety of natural colors. Depending on the minerals present, most granites have gold, blue, grey, or green areas. Granites are aesthetically beautiful since no two granites are ever similar, as they are extracted directly from the quarry bed and contain many differences depending on location. Hence, tombstones and headstones are mostly made up of granite. 

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