Difference Between Granite Tiles And Granite Slabs

Granite slabs and granite tiles both comes from natural stone. The machines that are being utilize to create granite slabs and tiles are dramatically transformed. Granite is a strong beautiful stone which is long-lasting and trendy. Granite is better than other natural stones and give charming appearance wherever you will apply it.
Granite slabs are pieces of stone that are directly cut according to your customary size for flooring, wall cladding, countertops or backsplash and that is why they are too expensive than granite tiles.
On the hand, granite tiles are sturdy and long lasting and they are cut into uniform pieces which can create elegant and luxurious looks when installed with proper care. They are less costly and come in pre-cut size and shapes.

Granite Slabs

perfect granite for a dream home, best choices to decorate a house, matte version of granite, granite countertop, granite accents décor, indian granite, absolute black granite, vizag blue granite, emerald pearl granite, lebrador blue graniteGranite slabs comes in continues patterns and designs which give them sophisticated look because they usually cut in large sizes.
In some markets, big slabs are famous and in others smaller slabs are. The bigger is the size, the more you have to spend. Big slabs are costly and small slabs are economical. You can even purchase Indian Granite slabs in Polished, Flamed, Leather, Lapatro, Brushed, Bush Hammered and sandblast finishing. Slabs are always less expensive than custom made sizes.
Although granite slabs are larger and heavier but they are more delicate and hard to handle. So, it needs to get installed at one sitting with multiple workers. It is a single piece to be fitted so it will take much less time than the tiles.
Granite slabs are impenetrable and durable material that doesn’t mean they are immune to starches and stains. If handled properly with utmost care and also resealed it in every 1-2 years, it will last long.
Granite slabs are cut on distinct types of machines. The machine and block size determine which size you are going to buy. The size of the granite slab rely on the size of the block and machinery wield. We have three kind of slabs accessible in granite; gang saw size slab, bit cutter slab and small cutter slab.

Granite Tiles

TOP 5 GRANITE FOR YOUR BATHROOM FLOORING, Bathroom Flooring Granite, absolute black graniteGranite tiles are individually lighter than slabs because they are cut into small pieces and give uniformed appearance to it. They can be installed by a single worker but to apply each piece in rhythmic flow and aligned it perfectly which will surely take time.
Moreover, tiles comes with patterns and designs that need to be artistically matched together to have a more coherent look of that area.
Granite tiles come too economical than the granite slabs and it’s cheaper even after including labor cost. They are also easier in transporting which will reduce the transportation cost automatically.
The durability of granite tiles is mostly dependent on the quality of installation that has been done. Wrong application because of lethargic workers or in poor time management can cause bubbles or air pockets beneath the tiles which will unable to support heavy weights and damage the tiles.
Permanent damage on a tile can mean extra work but not nearly as costly as one on a granite slab. A single tile can actually be replaced at a very low cost compared to slabs.

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