Best Materials for Kitchen Countertops in India

The perfect kitchen countertop material can be a revolutionist in the look and feel of your kitchen interiors. Apart from the aesthetically beautiful appearance, the countertop must be resistant to stain, scratch and heat as well as extremely durable. Not to mention, it must be easily available under your budget too. But, it is obvious to get confused from the assortment of available options for kitchen countertops materials in the market.

From relaxed to functional and from luxurious to formal kitchen designs, we have various durable and stunning materials for countertops. If you are also stuck then go through our popular options in kitchen countertops that you are looking for as mentioned below:-

Granite Countertops  

From the time of immemorial, granite countertops are a sure-shot option in many Indian homes. And for good reason! They define elegance and are available in a broad spectrum of colours, textures and patterns as well. Moreover, they are extremely durable, heat and scratch-resistant and offers rich beauty to any style of kitchen interiors. Some of the common granite colours for countertops are Black Galaxy, Imperial Red, Amba White and etc. So, if you are looking for premium and luxurious countertops, have a look at our granite selection now.

Granite Countertops

Marble Countertops  

The next material rolling over in our list is marble countertops. It comes with a charismatic and sophisticated appearance and like Indian granites, it is available in a wide range of colours and textures. But, because of the heavily prized, marbles are temporarily considerable material for granites and quartz in kitchen countertops. Due to its penchant for staining and scratching and also due to porosity, marbles are not considered the perfect material for busy kitchen designs. Nonetheless, marbles are popular for kitchen islands design. Some of the popular marble countertops are Fantasy Brown Marble, Rainforest Brown Marble, Rainforest Green marble and Indian Green Marble are few picks to select.

Marble Countertops

Quartz Countertops  

Quartz, an engineered stone is a cheaper substitute for granite countertops. They are also available in various types of colours, textures and patterns. It has all the qualities of granites but, unlike granite countertops, quartz requires a bit of maintenance and caution while using hot utensils in the kitchen. Hot pans and pots must not be kept on countertops for longer as they will leave burn marks. It is non-porous and thus, won’t absorb liquids. So, if you are looking for unique yet elegant kitchen interiors, quartz makes a perfect choice.  

 How Can Fortuna Marmo Granite Help You in Kitchen Countertop Design? 

We analyse and understand the client’s requirements carefully while accounting for kitchen countertop materials. Afterwhile, we deliver safe and premium quality stone materials that do not only upgrade the appeal of your interiors but are also durable. If you need any help in selecting and installing the best kitchen countertop material, don’t hesitate to get our professional and expert assistance.

Furthermore, we do offer granite tiles in kitchen flooring and are available with sizes like 60×60,30×60, 120×60 and 180×60 (with a thickness 2 to 8 cm)and 610x305x10mm/12mm.


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